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  1. Love it, BallyAlley - you must know your shit with that handle. I actually started another thread asking for advice, BallyAlley - the exact kind of stuff you were suggesting: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/241879-bought-astrocade-any-helpadvice/ I was wondering if I should take any precautions before attempting to test it. It's really amazing the capability of this system; i can only imagine the thing was tanked by: 1. Price point 2. Games (lack thereof) 3. Marketing And I wonder if marketing is more key than many think. I don't know, I think A) it was stupid to name it a home library computer (I'm really shocked that virtually every console went "I'm a computer" and none went "I'm an ARCADE game - for your home!!!!", that latter of which is what kids were looking for), and B) then change the name 4 times? I'm actually researching it for a mini documentary vid I'd like to do on it by end of year. Question - I just realized. Can't I safely test this without doing anything? I don't need a cartridge to test it - so, am I being risky by not opening it up and cleaning everything? could the dust or whatever be an issue for just a test?
  2. Awesome, great advice - my Astrocade is on the carpet right now (not turned on - haven't turned it on yet), so this is really good to know.
  3. Hi, everyone - new-ish member of the site, grew up with an Atari/Pong, but just got back into gaming (and retro gaming) after many years lapse. And what better way than to do so than pick up a Bally's Astrocade! I don't think I ever knew of this when I was a kid, we had a 2600. Anyways, I took a gamble and bought an untested system. It had no RF adapter, so I ordered one and now I have an agonizingly long wait until I get that before I try out my Astrocade. My question to you guys - anything I can/should do. Like should I spray some canned air into it to de-dust it? Looks like that cartridge port exposes the inside all the time. Keep in mind that I am a total newbie when it comes to "working" with these things - I've played many retro consoles, but not experienced like actually fixing or cleaning insides or anything. Would love to hear your input!
  4. Blazing Lazers, that is awesome! Have you gotten this to play? Is there gameplay foogate?
  5. Got it! thanks so much. I just bought an Astrocade off of eBay, so was interested in looking into the multicart. Much appreciated!
  6. save2600 - I can't. I'm new here and the forum won't let me. I've tried a couple times to PM members directly, but I guess I gotta pass initiation or something.
  7. Hey, Kenzre - still selling these?
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