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  1. Good morning Natalie! I thought I would drive on through and pick you up for Hello Kitty School! Let's go baby!
  2. I like the perception you gave about ebay. LOL. I really love to venture off to flea markets, pawn shops and yard sales, but my luck hasn't been too successful. I went to a few pawn shops that I have t been to before, and they were selling Contra for the NES for $75. I asked the lady if that was a typo, and she said it wasn't. I told her to get the F outtake here! Nobody would pay that much for a NES game.... Anyone know of any good flea markets in northern Virginia?
  3. OMG these methods took a whole different direction. LOL.
  4. There is mixed feedback, but the part that has me leaning towards my 2600 being a heavy sixer is the location where it was made. I was doing some research from my end as well, and all heavy sixers were either made in CA or Taiwan. I couldn't find any serial number information that defines what a heavy is verse a light sixer. Unless someone else has some factual data he/she can provide. Of course I don't plan on opening this up, nor do I intend to sell it, but I agree with Stardust4ever about weighing my box compared to someone that has a CIB Light Sixer. I hope someone on here has one so I can compare.
  5. I would agree it is definitely a collectors market now a days, and finding deals are far and few. I have noticed the Nintendo brand is definetly going for top dollar. I just think there are more people out there now trying to make an extra buck instead of having passion for the hobby/games.
  6. I prefer the front loader. I am not sure you where you live, but you can find some pretty good deals on Craigslist.
  7. I have been buying and selling on eBay for about 8 years now. Lately I have been looking at purchasing various old games, but the other bidders are either scammers, have money to waste, or don't understand how much something is really worth.... The past few days various auctions have been high as hell, and crap like this is starting to piss me off because it is setting a higher standard for other sellers. Am I the only one that feels like eBay is starting to get a bit worthless? I feel craigslist is the only place inline that has decent deals nowadays.
  8. Well... summing up all the feedback I will take that my 2600 is a heavy sixer. Thanks everyone for your input.
  9. Say it isn't sooooo! Gandolf you were my idol in Lord of the Rings!
  10. Holy shit the video took over my iPad! I closed my browser and the music was still playing. Someone call Natalie so she can hurry up and sell her Atari, and come over here and fix my shit!
  11. Don't worry Natalie. I have reached out to someone special to assist you with your posts that are being manipulated, and the virus you received from Ashley Madison's website.
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