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  1. The sprites looks odd in the pic, but looks smoother when you run.
  2. Tweaked with Indy's stance, and running sprites, and tweaked that ugly spider somewhat. new indy1.bin
  3. Made pieces resemble knights, and the king as a king on a horse battle3.bin
  4. Welcome back, and thank you for your service! We NEED more Borgwars!!!!
  5. Lovin' life and playing Atari!!!

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    2. Out_of_Gas


      I too am fighting a sinus infection. Feel better Gold


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  6. Updated Swinging animations. Darerdevil 1a.bin
  7. Ok. Another gem from me. Took Skeet Shoot and turned it into Dog Patch. In Dog Patch you play a hillbilly shooting empty cans of beer. So due to copyright issues I present....Blast a beer... Changed shooter, clay pigeon, and some of the explosion. dogpatch 1.3.bin
  8. Ok. I always thought the sprite on this game..made it look like an "appendage" instead of the 2nd arm. Cleaned up that and running sprites. snp 2.bin
  9. Here is my take of "The Fonz" for Atari. I did not want to start up a topic that last was active a while back. I did not use any other's hack of this but my own. I read on the old topic, that someone hacked "Hang On" out of Enduro. The Fonz 1.0.bin
  10. Happy Holidays to all!

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      Same to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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      xD Thanks!!


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      To you as well!

  11. Hello. Here is your dose of Christmas Turkey. I have been watching on DVD "The Man From Atlantis", and here is my version of a port for Atari. I took Dolphin(still have a lot of tweaking to do), and made it the "Atlantis Man. I will be updating this over time. Happy holidays to all! Atlantis Man ver 1.bin
  12. Sorry for the "necro" bump. Just tried this on Harmony cart, works perfect!
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