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  1. Thank you! I have been working now on the enemy sprites. I should have an update soon.
  2. Hello. I am starting a overhaul of Secret Quest. SO far this is a bigtime WIP, and all I have done so far is tinkered with the hero's sprites all around. I plan on doing the enemy sprites and as many aspects of the game I can do. SQ 2020.bin
  3. You are on a quest to stop the evil wizard from turning the land into chaos. With your trust longbow, you enter the lair of the wizard. To your surprise, he has created dopplegangers of yourself, along with a army of dangerous monsters. With a 2-headed ogre, a centaur, and the evil Butcher at hand, the wizard wants to make certain that you do not escape! A hack or Room of Doom for you to play. Longbow Final 1.1a.bin
  4. New bin and version. Some minor tweaks with the planes, and jumper. Sky Diver 79 ver 2.bin
  5. GAH2020.bin Tinkered more with the flying motions.. How's this for a necro bump :P
  6. Hey you groovy dudes and foxy ladies. Put on your solid chute and take to the skies in Sky Diver 79! Just a lil hack of Sky Diver. Sky Diver 79.bin
  7. I wanted to name this "George Best Football", but went with Atari Soccer 2020. Just a edit of Championship(Pele) Soccer. Atari Soccer 2020.bin
  8. The Bat/Wife animation is jumpy due to how the bat is sprited. MIKE!!! MIKE!!!! You are locked in the house of the Master. Can you find all 3 pieces of the Hand of Manos and escape?? Manos.rar
  9. It is almost daylight and you finally tracked down your arch nemesis Van Hofflin(go with it lol) in the nearby museum. You must catch him and drink his blood to stay amongst the living, but, he has set all sorts of traps to keep you from getting your dinner. Can you catch him, or will sunrise be your downfall? Hack of Keystone Kapers Still a WIP but wanted opinions. Morning Dash2.bin
  10. The sprites looks odd in the pic, but looks smoother when you run.
  11. Tweaked with Indy's stance, and running sprites, and tweaked that ugly spider somewhat. new indy1.bin
  12. Made pieces resemble knights, and the king as a king on a horse battle3.bin
  13. Welcome back, and thank you for your service! We NEED more Borgwars!!!!
  14. Lovin' life and playing Atari!!!

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