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  1. I did! Got that and the gingerbread man, thanks! Sorry, no more posts from me for a few days to make up for my multiple bumps.
  2. So I did not realize that all but the first two are available in non-numbered versions. I am really just looking for *a* copy of each to fire up and check out. In the interest of saving some money, I am going to go with the ones in the AA store and now aim to just find 2003 and 2004. Thank you all for the info and offers. They are quite tempting so I can have the cool versions, but just out of my price range. Hope no one feels like I wasted their time. Maybe one day I will pick up the interest of having all variations and bring the serious dough.
  3. So 2003 went for $87. Perhaps an offer of $350 will shake the set loose?
  4. Looking to buy 2003 and 2004 AA holiday carts. Hoping $150 will tickle them loose.
  5. Bought a Vectrex Christmas Cart 2014 from save2600. Super smooth transaction, very fast shipping, and very well packed. Couldn't be happier!
  6. Whoops I guess I didn't take the time to set up my profile. Pennsylvania.
  7. Edit: found a seller! Hey guys. Looking to buy a Vectrex Xmas Cart 2014. Not sure how much these go for, but I'd be comfortable paying $100. Figured you guys are more likely to have one than my NA brethren. Thanks!
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