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  1. I'm interested in a SNES2Jag. Been wanting to play some AvP lately but on real hardware. Hope I can get in on the next batch!
  2. There is a way, but it requires you to download or purchase 'Gunvari Collection + Time Crisis', a Japanese only PS2 release which includes all 3 Point Blanks & the first Time Crisis. Then, you can open a slim PS2 & use sticky tac to block the sensors for using the swap trick method of booting an import or backup. Alternatively, you can order yourself a Free McBoot memory card with ESR. If you download the ISO for Gunvari you can patch it with ESR disc patcher to boot. Better, if you have a fat PS2 you can get a network adapter & an IDE hard drive out of an old computer. Free McBoot cards usually have HDLoader preinstalled. This can format the hard drive for installing PS2 backups of any region. Saves your laser & disc wear, does away with loading & region problems. I suggest buying the import because it's hecka cheap on Amazon & installing that bad boy. Now you can play with a Guncon 2 ^.^ Side note - it's worth it to hunt down a RedOctane reload pedal for your PS2. They are made of steel & help recreate the feel of being in the arcade playing Time Crisis. Very high quality, but unfortunately quite rare. It took me a year to find myself a pair, but when I did the victory was so sweet. Good luck! (Sorry to bump an old thread on my first post, hopefully the OP sees this info)
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