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  1. I was very lucky to find some Jaguar games at a swapmeet in 2012 which caused me to buy a Jaguar console for cheap. I got a sealed Iron soldier a coulple of years ago cheap but now the games are a lot more expensive. Seems strange for everyone to wait until 2020 to all of sudden want a Jaguar.
  2. The case looks really cool, too bad I can't play it as my Lynx stopped working not that long ago, the wire trick doesn't even anymore work so I have to wait for some parts.
  3. It can be a bit confusing since they started with 3 8 bit systems but then went with the ST which is 16 bit and the Jaguar which is 32 bit because it has 2 32 bit processors.
  4. Pic of composite out 6 switch using rgb mod
  5. Here are some shots, I've just connected it with composite and I still need to finish the switches and plugs. I'll also record some video later.
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