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  1. Finally tested this Awesome work man++ Going to play around some more now I have the time Thanx again
  2. After a few modifications, it works! Thank you guys! When I complete the launcher I'll post a link, although you two problably Have your own versions, lol Peace:)
  3. @mizapf Thanks for your help, I'll give it a go again and see where I end up:) @Shift838 I did play with that last night, nice work! Although it has 0 to do with this topic, lol I will try .176, Thank you:) You guyz rock!
  4. No error. Just does not launch properly. Yes the console launches, but that's it. I have a few various forms of mess. Any specific one I should use? I have tunnels.dsk and tundoom.zip in the main directory as this is For a single .exe launcher for TOD I am trying to create Just have to get the batch right. Thanks for your time:)
  5. I am trying a few variations of Mess/ Messui and MAME/MESS mizapf you are the MAN! (man, I think:) ) Although tried this on MAME .175 and still no go, Mame just starts in 99/4a I believe I have all of the correct roms/ system roms in place for this system. as it does work otherwise. Should tunnels.dsk go into the roms folder as well?
  6. I am trying to make a simple launcher for TOD. The changes in MESS over the years have me confusified a bit. Any pointers here would be great start mame.exe -cart tundoom.zip -floppydisk tunnels.dsk I have several variations, it the mounting of the PEB's and such that I am unsure of. Not a MESS pro here:( Using MAME .175 / .zip roms Thank you/
  7. What imaage format?? Tried them all I think, Cannot post pic, a little help please. Thank you
  8. I have a collection as well. Was fighting with wife so got drunk with my debit card on ebay one night and one day three TI's appeared with all kids of goodies. Maybe can part with some of it. I am still looking for the big referance manual, you know the one. Had to deliver newspapers to buy it when I was 11. That would be my Grail, although not much intrest in using it, I already typed those in a thousand times. I will start playing NOW!
  9. Just stumbled across this thread. Nice. That was one of my first programming books. I do have a few TI"S still and a full set of GROMS. I am playing now too. I love seeing a community for this. Awesome. I played munchman back in "81 till My fingers bled.
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