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  1. I want this, too. I don't want to see every post. I just want to see the topics that have new posts (like the original Content I Follow). but we cannot change the default setting, so we need to do this: 1) Select the "Content I Follow" 2) Change the Show Me dropdown into "Content items only" 3) Set any other filter/setting as desired 4) Click the "Save as New Stream" and give it a name, like "The Old Skool Content I Follow" (mine is called, "The Real Content I Follow") 5) It will now appear in the list of streams be picked from (for some reason I can't attached pictures right now ) I'd imagine that Albert could change this default setting, so we don't need to create a custom stream for something that previously existed (hint hint )
  2. I'm thinking that this also means that the Amico will not get the Intellivision's GTA port
  3. I thought everyone has these variants already, no?
  4. Will there a prototype unit and some games on display at PRGE 2019?
  5. Correct - they are lost. The forum database went offline around 10AM PST yesterday for the upgrading process, and so any PM made between that time and the time at which when the new forum went back online were lost because they were not part of the upgraded database. There were some interesting posts in this thread (a few pages) that were also lost.
  6. Please refer to this post from Albert:
  7. @Albert When I set the Deflection theme on my phone, because I like dark themes on my phone, it also changes the desktop theme to be dark. Can there be a way added to have a theme set for mobile and a different theme set for desktop?
  8. OK, thanks So I will have the default "content I follow" stream and then I will have a "The Real Content I Follow" stream Sometimes I make myself laugh ....ah, come on, who doesn't get the "The Real Ghostbusters" cartoon title reference....
  9. OK, I deleted all the "custom" streams, thanks for that. Now when I click on the default "content I follow" and change the filters, I do not get an option to save it. I get cancel or create a new one:
  10. OK, you can customize it, but you can't save it - maybe because it is a default stream? When I attempt to customize "Content I follow" I can't save it. I can only create a new one, even if you give it the same name it just gets added to the list. How do you delete all these?
  11. In the old forum, I was able to click on my username in the upper right and select "followed content" (or whatever the name was) to show a listing of my followed topic, and now there is only "manage followed content" and it is not being updated to show which topics have new posts
  12. Thanks, I see where it was hiding...right in plain site
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