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  1. Hey now, when did you get a hangar? Now you can fly yourself to PRGE Or is it an empty hangar
  2. Yeah, I guess you're right. When I fire my light gun at my TV nothing happens. When I fire my real gun at my TV my wife gets mad because I gotta go get a new TV (again and again and again....) 😭
  3. Spewer Sam = a maze chase game where you need to avoid Spewer Sam. Can you avoid his spew?
  4. Pile Position - How many dogs (puppies) can you pile up in the dog pile before they fall over?
  5. Pike Position - Use the disc to attempt to get the perfect dive (PS: I know we are only suppose to change one letter, but wouldn't a diving game be neat?)
  6. Tripe Action - How much tripe can you stomach in the first "tripe eating contest" video game?
  7. You certainly are making it unnecessarily difficult
  8. Yes, sorry. Things looking good now.
  9. And just like that I have Edge installed and running on Win7
  10. Thanks Wow, thanks. That is good news. Thanks.
  11. The other themes look good - including the Invision theme Only the AtariAge theme is bad. Edge is not available for Win7 IE with Invision theme: Just an FYI: If you have Win10, it still includes Internet Explorer v11 (just search for it)
  12. The new AtariAge theme doesn't look good in Win7 Internet Explorer 11. The main page is way too wide for the screen and you need to scroll Left<>Right to see everything, and there is a lot of whitespace When you enter into a forum, then everything fits on the page, but it is rather squished on the right margin. When you enter into a post, then it looks normal. I tested a few different resolutions, and this attached video has my computer set to 1920x1080 The video is 20meg, so I zipped it and it is much smaller (sorry I don't have much of any screenshot recording software). The other themes look using Internet Explorer. When using Chrome, then everything looks good with the AtariAge theme AA theme.7z
  13. This is a topic I've been following for quite a long time. If I ever get one of these, then I'd like to know what I can do with it. For the very briefest of time I did have a C64 back around 1990 or '91. It was so brief a time that I don't even remember what I did with it while I had it, or where it disappeared to.
  14. Does "local Emoji" just mean only the legacy emojis? That is all that I see now but for me, this is OK as I am not a big fan of emojis and the legacy group is fine for me
  15. No special bit should be needed. Just that it is the proper diameter, sharp (new?) and the drill is spinning fast enough. You also need to be sure that your drill bit isn't too small of a diameter because as you screw in the new screw you don't want the shaft to split.... But you also don't want to drill it too large otherwise the new screw doesn't have anything to bite into. Although if the hole is slightly too large, then you can probably coat the screw with some 5-minute epoxy right before you screw it, so the epoxy would dry and hold the screw in place.
  16. I didn't sign up for this, but the exclusive release says to ship in the Summer of 2019, and summer just started. Fall starts in September, so there is quite a bit of time left for a "summer release"
  17. WinXP: Start, Run and then type “cmd” and press Enter. Vista, Window 7 and Windows 8: Click “Start” and type the word “Command” in the Start search field. ... In the open prompt, type “ipconfig /flushdns” (without the quotes)
  18. Thanks. There appears to be plenty of room for more tabs across the top of that little popup. It is a missed feature for me, but shouldn't be any type of priority. It just helps me determine if I want to re-join the conversation That little popup fades too quickly for me. I must be a slow reader
  19. In the old version, when you are within any given forum/subforum, for the listing of posts there was a little triangle that you can click on and it would preview the first post, the first unread post, and the last post. Is this no longer available in this new version? EDIT: Wow, I can see that if my mouse hovers over the thread title, it will pop-up a little window that has the first and last post. Can the first unread post be added?
  20. This is what happens when it doesn't lose enough momentum and you try and catch it - you lose your fingers!!!! Look at those little hot dogs go flying off of the poor guy's hand makes me laugh every time I see this scene
  21. I want this, too. I don't want to see every post. I just want to see the topics that have new posts (like the original Content I Follow). but we cannot change the default setting, so we need to do this: 1) Select the "Content I Follow" 2) Change the Show Me dropdown into "Content items only" 3) Set any other filter/setting as desired 4) Click the "Save as New Stream" and give it a name, like "The Old Skool Content I Follow" (mine is called, "The Real Content I Follow") 5) It will now appear in the list of streams be picked from (for some reason I can't attached pictures right now ) I'd imagine that Albert could change this default setting, so we don't need to create a custom stream for something that previously existed (hint hint )
  22. I'm thinking that this also means that the Amico will not get the Intellivision's GTA port
  23. I thought everyone has these variants already, no?
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