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  1. It's fine, but I've been stuck on that level of X-Blades for some time, and like I said in at the top it takes me right back to The Ruins Above the Sea when I get by the falling blades in the ceiling to go into the next door.
  2. It's a level and the game is X-Blades by the way. I put the name of the game in the title of the topic in parentheses
  3. Okay so.....I've been stuck on this part of the game for some time and it takes me back The Ruins Above the Sea, which I don't know why it does but I've been through the whole map of the game and I can't seem to go anywhere else. Help please someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  4. Okay so I got Forza Motorsports 5 Sunday, and I'm trying to get it to install on my Xbox One (note it's the game on disk not downloaded from the Xbox Store.) But each time it hits 14% it stops and says installation stopped and each time I click retry installation it stays on 14% then gives me the installation stopped message is there any requirements I need to get it installed? The disc isn't dirty or anything and I have plenty of space on my Xbox One for it as well but it just doesn't want to install at all. Please help, if anyone knows.
  5. It looks good but I don't know if I'd by a new Xbox One model.
  6. I did play like one of those games but cant really recall which one it was.
  7. What do you think about maybe Final Fantasy 13 series being backwards compatible?
  8. So maybe most of you don't own a 360 or had one but got rid of it, but which game do you like more that was on the Xbox 360? I would have to say for me it would be Halo 3
  9. What other games should be backwards compatible on the Xbox One?
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