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  1. Perhaps use FloImg to put the compressed files into a blank .ST image? Then just mount the image in your emulator.
  2. I'm the guy that has dfunct.net, but I'm not Swedish. I think you got me and /u/tsangberg mixed up. He did used to run the Swedish Ratsoft support board back in the '90s. I'm sure most, if not all of the Ratsoft files I have came from, or through, his board at some point. I know he is around on Atari-Forum, but I'm unsure if he's around here. I'd be surprised if he wasn't though. Steve Hughey, the author of Ratsoft, found me through Reddit a while back. Last I talked to him he had an Atari system set back up and he was going through the source code he was able to find. He was fixing a date bug and was looking at some fixes for running under Hatari. From what he mentioned, Ratsoft/XE was never released. He only used it for his own board. It sounds like Ratsoft/PC was planned, but never finished. It would also seem that any code for XE and PC are lost to the ages now. It's a bummer for XE and PC to be lost, but there's a decent chance that we'll see a newer release of Ratsoft/ST! Keep your fingers crossed!
  3. Here's Freeze Dried Terminal v2.20 registered using a key by MCA. FZDT220.zip
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