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  1. I have one of the original T.I.M.s with SOB on motherboard. Does anyone have an adapter to hook up the 9-pin C-sync output to a modern 15-pin monitor? I loved this setup, did many programs with Y.A.P.P. and X-hi 80-col graphics that I cannot run anymore without a monitor. I remember some sort of "standup arcade game" adapter that was designed to convert anything to anything, so you could create your own arcade machine, but do not know where to get one . . . Thanks.
  2. Thanks for all the great games! I have only had my Flashrom99 for less than a week now, so this is all new to me. Can you point me to how to convert a physical cartridge to .bin file? I have only run a physical TI system, no emulators. The cart is "Red Baron" by Databiotics, my P-Gram says it is one rom file. Thanks.
  3. Victor


    OK. Thanks. I'll give it a try!
  4. Victor


    After quite a few years, my P-gram has stopped working. Can run the PGOS program to reload the OS, but the menu program cannot access the Grom screen. Replaced the battery twice, still the same problem. I am running "real steel", not an emulator. Victor
  5. I will be demonstrating the "Utility of the Month, sound effects, 9/92" disk this Saturday Chicago User's Group Meeting on Ustream.ustream url.txt I can't seem to paste the url directly, but it is in the attachment.
  6. Reply to chopper commander: "was there ever a Lord of the Rings TOD game?" Yes. Ken Gilliland's "Halls of Lost Moria". It had a special map saved that was very wide on screen, to simulate a cavern system tunneling through the mountain. The instructions said to use the "load existing game" and not to "create a new game". Victor
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