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  1. Thanks Ikrananka for this very detailed and constructive feedback. You're right, it will definitely help me improve my work!
  2. Yes, I did my best to keep an eye on the page count so that it wouldn't weigh a ton when sending it
  3. Hey everyone! First of all, I want to thank each and everyone of you for the good feedback AND the criticism because, as always on the forum, it's constructive and not destructive and I appreciate it! Then, I saw a few things that made me feel that some clarification was needed. It's not a book about the console in itself and thus extended coverage on the homebrew community. This will come in the future. Coleco - The Official Book is a book on the history of the company as it was the main reason such a book was needed. So you might get disappointed about the homebrew community coverage as you guys are part of the last chapter of the book on the legacy of the company but there are no reviews or list of games in this one. This will be done in a ColecoVision book set for 2018-2019 if I do it or sooner if someone else wants to do it
  4. It's in the process. All the books will be shipped on Friday or Monday I also wanted to take the time and acknowledge all the great community we have here. Without all of you and your valuable help, the mock up cover for Kickstarter would have been bland jeopardizing the very success of this project. Your support is highly appreciated and it won't go unnoticed. We might have something in the works that should be at least of interest to you all
  5. Unfortunately, no. The thing is the Greenbergs had such a bad reputation that when I interviewed Syd Greenberg, the first thing he said was, "thank god I'm not related to those Greenbergs". And I tried to contact them both but didn't get any replies. Apparently like Eric Bromley, they're still bitter about how Coleco went down. I would have love their point of view, opinions and feelings but I didn't manage to collect it. The other interviews are awesome though! And to answer your previous question, you can buy the book and just have to wait until beginning or mid-August to get it It's not that long and you're sure to have a copy. http://www.booqcpublishing.com/index.php?id_product=1&controller=product&id_lang=1
  6. I'm trying to have it sold physically through Amazon already. I'll check it out for the Kindle.
  7. Actually, the hardcover book is only for Kickstarter backers. The version available on the www.booqcpublishing.com website is a softcover and retails for $34.99 CAD and shipping is $7 CAD.
  8. I finally made a new website easier to navigate and with the book to preorder!
  9. Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been really responsive here on Atari Age but JF did an amazing job thanks for that! Anyway we have to unfortunately postpone the live but I still have some good news: You can preorder the book here if you missed the Kickstarter campaign! Let me know if you have any questions!
  10. Thanks! But it's not finished yet! We have some other ideas in the works! Thanks, Rey! By the way everyone, we'd like to print a poster. What is the best: an iconic game of the ColecoVision (in this case, which one) or a montage with the different products Coleco used to make?
  11. Thanks! Thank you! Exactly, it just happened today. So as you said, the last console is available again!
  12. Thanks! About the PlayStation Anthology, it is currently available only in French but an English translation is in works according to the publisher Geeks-Line. Thank you!
  13. Thanks! The difference is that the 25$ is an Early Bird type of reward. It's the exact same as the 30$ one but limited to 100 copies and 5$ cheaper. It's for the earliest backers like you!
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