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  1. mini-8pin to Euro-SCART as described in 'Falonn's post - I use the same cable he describes. WARNING: I am known as Mr. Cold Solder Joint - meaning, I have NO such skills - plug-n-play I can do.
  2. Also, please add me to the list for two boards - both with the S-Video/Composite option. Cheers and THANKS!
  3. Status check on remaining yet-to-be shipped controllers? Cheers!
  4. Sent PM for getting the full treatment for my Colecovision - RGB, composite, refurb, controllers with ball knobs, BIOS and Pause w/ 2 LEDs. I'd be interested in the power mod if available. My power supply is original, circa, mid-80's when the unit was first introduced. Are you offering the controller IC mods? I didn't see details on where to ship; how to pay; and so forth. Cheers!
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