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  1. Can you add me to the list to buy one of these?
  2. I would love one of these.
  3. Please add me to the waiting list.
  4. I just got an Atari 800 XL working and I'd really like to own this game. Hope it comes out in the near future.
  5. I just got an Atari 800 XL and modded it for S-Video recently.. I can't wait to try this game.
  6. post-deleted.. for some reason my browser was showing old posts on the last page
  7. Well I'd buy that thing anyways (it sounded awesome back when he talked about it a long time ago on Jason's YT channel).. I just meant as a thank-you..
  8. So is there a tip-jar or something for Kevtris? I don't know if he has a Patreon, but I'd be happy to show my appreciation and maybe buy the guy some beers or something for his obvious hard work..
  9. Well it's FAT32 so it's going to be 32gb as far as I know.
  10. I just played around with the jailbreak on the Analogue NT and it's pretty awesome. Some feedback (and please excuse me if I'm missing something on these): 1) Can't play FDS games from SD card (maybe wrong extension)? PowerPak plays them just fine. 2) When I want to make changes (say to modify scanlines), I seem to have to exit the game to do so
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