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  1. I would like to replace the transparent color 0 with a darker gray or brown. But suppose you could inject that color as composite video into EXTVDP, and set VDP register 0 bit 7 to 1 to enable the external VDP input. Would that get you that extra color in place of transparent?
  2. I had a TI-81 graphing calculator for my first year of college classes. The only program I can remember writing for it was a port of gorillas.bas, the one where two gorillas atop buildings of random heights take turns hurling a banana in a parabola trajectory over the buildings at each other. My buddy in physics class would play against me, carefully plotting the angle and speed to make it hit. But I sometimes cheated, entering a large enough speed at the right angle to teleport the banana through the buildings directly onto the other player. Good times.
  3. This was too funny not to share. (No sound recorded on my mac, sorry.) Things can and often do go wrong when programming, and glitches like these are half the fun. But on a positive note, the dungeon sprites loader is mostly working. The closed door doesn't open by itself yet, but you can push the block more than the limit of once to force it open it the hard way.
  4. I found a bug where if you create a single block then go back out, sometimes creating an strange fill: (Bug reports are far from inspiring, I know from experience.) I also experienced a situation where the line of blocks connected to another edge, yet the tix still hit my line before it filled and blew me up. It would feel more fair if drawing the final connecting block triggered the fill. Other than that fun to play, and a neat proof of concept.
  5. Magellan - makes the pretty pictures Classic99 - for emulation, and has a nice debugger XDT99 - for programming in assembly GCC - for programming in C all of the above work well on Windows/Mac/Linux (classic99 runs good under wine)
  6. Standard USB has a minimum rated lifetime of 1,500 cycles of insertion and removal, the mini-USB receptacle increases this to 5,000 cycles, and the newer Micro-USB and USB-C receptacles are both designed for a minimum rated lifetime of 10,000 cycles of insertion and removal. To accomplish this, a locking device was added and the leaf-spring was moved from the jack to the plug, so that the most-stressed part is on the cable side of the connection. This change was made so that the connector on the less expensive cable would bear the most wear.
  7. Neat! I have no intention of producing anything except the rom file. You all are welcome to make your own manuals or physical cartridges if you have the ability to do so. Someone has already designed a cart label, and I expect he'll post it here when the game is done. I know I said it would be done this year, but I have been slacking off a bit, you know how it goes. I'll post a playable update when I get the dungeon enemies working.
  8. I have a 13" Sony Trinitron CRT connected to my TI through composite cable. Old computers deserve the glow of phosphors.
  9. Thanks, I forgot to mention I had seen the 2600 core on github. I'll message him and see how far along he is.
  10. I received my order this past Saturday. I hooked it up to my LG OLED55B6P, and played Sydney Hunter for a while, but had the random color glitched screen upon resetting. I tried my older Panasonic TV, and it works fine there. I also tried a cheap HDMI-to-composite converter for connecting to my CRT monitor and it looks great; the way it's meant to be. I had no problems playing with a keyboard, and the NTT SFC data controller found on ebay arrived today, and it works wonderfully too. Is anyone working on a TI 99/4A core? I've been meaning to learn more about FPGA coding, so that might be a fun project. Is there any guide for getting started developing cores for the Phoenix? Is there a schematic available?
  11. Here's a version that shows 6 digits for the score, although now it will roll over at 655360. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for playing! turmoilc.bin turmoil.rpk
  12. Here is the modified script I sent to Mobsie. He got it to work, so perhaps you can too. install-mac.sh
  13. I haven't bought my PRGE pass yet, so I could take the transfer of one of yours. I don't have a preference of t-shirt or not, so if you have other interested parties, I could take the remaining option. I'm so bummed that you can't make it though, and hope that your cat's health improves.
  14. Yeah, I'm planning to go again this year. Looking forward to meeting up with you guys again.
  15. Hi GDMike, I see you are not using equates for R1LB and R2LB. This should work instead: CI R1,>4000 ; is it a letter? JLE LABEL1 AI R1,>0900 ; >41(A) becomes >4A, etc LABEL1 CI R2,>4000 ; is it a letter? JLE LABEL2 AI R2,>0900 ; >41(A) becomes >4A, etc LABEL2 SLA R1,4 ; R1=>X000 ANDI R2,>0F00 ; R2=>0Y00 SOCB R2,R1 ; R1=>XY00
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