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  1. Thanks a lot Wrathchild! It really helped me.
  2. Maybe I misunderstood the question, but "lda 10" - this instruction do load value 10 into accumulator.
  3. cc65 V2.16 - Ubuntu Yes, I get also gray color, but shouldn't the color be brown? For experiment, in this case I got brown border color. I think this problem in the format number representation hex/dec. .importzp sp .import incsp1 .export _foo .segment "CODE" .proc _foo: near .segment "CODE" lda 10 sta $02C8 rts .endproc
  4. Thanks again baktra! I tried call asm proc as you recommended as fastcall. But anyway I got wrong value in asm. I don't not what happened, why this code don't working correctly. #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdint.h> void fastcall foo(uint8_t c); int main() { foo(10); while(1){} return 0; } .importzp sp .import incsp1 .export _foo .segment "CODE" .proc _foo: near .segment "CODE" sta $02C8 rts .endproc
  5. Thanks you guys! This is my mistake, RST instruction really need. I fixed my assembler code as baktra said. But problem not solved, the FOO function not get right value from stack. How can I do debugging the code at execution?
  6. Hi everyone! I started programming A8 in the C (CC65). My idea is doing main programming in C and call assembler subprograms. It's work fine, but I don' t know how I can make a call the assembler procedure with arguments. For test, I wrote small code for change border color. I can't understand why it doesn't works, pls help me.. /* / main.c */ #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <stdint.h> extern void foo(uint8_t c); int main() { foo(10); while(1){} return 0; } ; ; foo.s ; .importzp sp, sreg, regsave .export _foo .segment "CODE" .proc _foo: near ; get arguments ldy #$00 lda (sp),y ; set border color sta 712 .endproc For building cl65 -t atari main.c foo.s -o app
  7. anrygraf


  8. Thanks! I can do sort games at www.atarimania.com or other site by screen resolution?
  9. Thank you Chris Yes, please send me this files, if possible in the .st file format.
  10. About mono compatible of games I don't know, but also no any audio from games. Mega ST2 can detect connected monitor?
  11. Hello everyone, I have problem with load games on the Atari MEGA ST2 with monitor SM124. After run game from floppy I get GEM interface without any errors or just a black screen. Diskettes with games tested. Mega ST2 compatible with 520/1040 ST? May be problem with RAM/ROM, how do check it? Any ideas...
  12. Thanks guys! Quadrunner Interesting info about ATR format. If be a free time I will think how to convert ATR to synth RAW. River Patroller Yes course I have Atari 1050 and Indus GT real drives. I don't know what density in my ATR. Kyle22 SIO2PC - that's what I need now! Where I can download Atari disk images for write by Kryoflux?
  13. Hello everyone! I have Kryoflux device and Atari disk images in ATR format. But I don't found information how to write ATR images to 5.25" disk. Pls help me make do it... BR
  14. Thank Thomas! I love Riga too. I was in Munich, it's very nice city and tasty beer
  15. PM sent for Indus GT drive. Thanks!
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