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  1. I'll hang on until there's a fix. Hopefully, I can find a NanoPEB soon and it will be a moot point.
  2. Yes, the pictures show exactly what I'm seeing. The documentation says it should be fine holding spacebar on a stock TI, but no go...
  3. Just got my cart from Arcadeshopper -- but I'm having some trouble. It is probably user error, but I figured I would ask. I have a stock machine, so I cannot run much from the main menu. Fctn-7 gives a screen of confetti, as does trying to run XB. Holding down spacebar at start gives the expected options, but attempting to run extended basic just gives a blue/purplish screen. Any suggestions? Or does the current version require 32k and I'll just have to wait until I can snag a NanoPEB? The only thing plugged in aside from the cart is the TI speech synth. (Should I start a new topic? New to the forum, and don't know if being a topic necromancer is okay?)
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