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  1. The S9900 looks like a good alternative to a TMS9900... did they make a S9995 (TMS9995 copy) ?
  2. Hi. Do they still make TMS9900 CPUs (New) in one form or another ?? I know you can still get 'Old' TMS9995 etc but they are usually quite expensive. You also see a lot of old (Pulls) on ebay TMS9900,TMS9995,TMS9901 etc but you hear conflicting stories on their quality ? There is an official VHDL TMS9995 core ?? But I don't think it's actually been put onto Silicon ? I've also seen on the Forum talk of a ' 68689 ' but I've never seen one do they really exist ? Is there a datasheert for them ? So where is the best place to source TMS99xx ICs ?? it's all rather confusing !!
  3. Can you still get the 68689 .. I've never seen one !!
  4. I suppose there's several ways to do this.. 1) Approach several commercial companies that do this sort of thing and see if they are interested ? Though they'll be looking at things purely from a financial MONEY point of view. There's also the matter of Intellectual Property right which are probably still owned by Texas Instruments, so they'd want a cut ! 2) Once you've got a working prototype (even one just on an Altera DE Board) then you could do Crowd Funding to generate enough Money to get a limited production run.. But who would back it ? 3) If you've got the Guts and the Money just do it yourself .. get several quotes from companies doing this sort of thing and do a production run yourself... though this will be VERY expensive !
  5. Just do some CROWD Funding or something.. raise some CASH then go to a reputable company and get a Quality professionally one made !! Otherwise it'll NEVER Happen !!
  6. ??? So what's happening with the Colecovision 2. Is anyone building one ??
  7. Hi. I was just wondering has anyone designed/built a replacement TI-99/4A motherboard, something that will fit into a TI-99/4A case ?
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