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  1. I am starting painting commissions for war hammer and war hammer 40k minis. I am located in Wisconsin and usually meet in person to pick up. But you can send money to pay pal and ship them into me if you chose to go that route. My email is [email protected] http://m.imgur.com/cAWM0vV,QFIjmv,iilNHW5,Vv27qMG,ve4EUVG,X4QNJ77 4 a price for small models I prime them for free. Larger models such as walkers go for ten a pop. Larger characters such as monstrous creatures and tanks go for 20. Elaborate single characters and squads of elaborate characters such as honor guard or Vulcan heStan gofor 7 A piece. I don't have much experience in Titans or other extremely large models and because of this I will go 30 A peice.
  2. short and simple i want a working atari st with a monitor and in pal format with english.
  3. short and simple i want a working atari st with a monitor and in or pal in english format
  4. Selling a n64 for $35 plus shipping just trying to get rid of it. Comes with red controller and star fox
  5. It gives power up instructions for c64 Amiga and Atari st
  6. I just went to a yard sale and picked up three games for Commodore 64, one of the games (alien syndrome) says if works on Atari st in the manual. So that got me thinking how many Commodore 64 floppies work on the ST?
  7. I'd buy it if your looking to sell it
  8. You know man, Fuck you. I am sick and tired of getting nothing but shit every time I post on here. There are just people like you who give me smart ass comments every single time.
  9. Naw man I want it like conpleate like new and such
  10. I am looking for an Atari st computer with a monitor, and possibly a few games. I need this for a birthday present so I would hope to get one bought and shipped quickly I am looking for one under $200
  11. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ROBOCOP-2-NES-Nintendo-1991-/391270169167?hash=item5b1984fa4f not mine
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