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    RPi BBS?

    I've actually been working at this more or less for a few months. Have not tried x84 but it looks promising. If you want to run door games, you're going to have a bad time. I've been researching and testing the various emulation packages and haven't got anything that isn't incredibly slow due to the software emulation. I've tried dosemu with dosbox, and qemu and basically nothing will get you what you want. I talked to a guy who made more progress than me and he said the only thing he got working properly was to have a native x86 linux box with accounts setup to launch each door game that he could tunnel into from the pi hosting the BBS package. At this point, you'd probably be better off with a low-power Intel Atom box running Linux or Windows anyway. If you want a nice BBS package without games, check out synchro. It runs, and works perfectly as far as I can tell, If you can't get telnet or other services to listen on any ports, run synchro when you're sudo'd or under root to get everything working properly. The Rpi Mystic build will compile and build properly on the Pi and even let you go into the gui to change configs, but the daemons will not launch. Some users say you can use alternative daemons for telnet but nobody really seems to want to talk about where to get them or how to configure them. I also could not get the standard Linux source to compile or build under the Pi, the RPi package gets you the closest. Alternatively, you could use something like qemu to emulate a whole DOS system and run any DOS-based BBS software within that virtual machine. This might get to be slow though. I'd be interested in how the performance differences between the RPi and other low-power SOCs like the Cubieboard or Bana-Pi compare as these little boards might make better candidates.
  2. Hey all, while ThunmpNugget is currently MIA, I have been compiling a list of the issues of Byte currently available on The Internet Archive and am working to make sure that ThumpNuggest's scans are mirrored there as well. It'll be a little bit of a process but here is what I am working with: http://anarchivism.org/w/Byte_(Magazine)#Downloads
  3. Anyone remember me? No? Okay.

  4. Anyone remember me? No? Okay.

  5. Woops, posted right before I the "Not vecrex" part (and of course I stopped reading there)
  6. M$ List... Xbox 360 Stock Xbox (Softmodded) x3 Xbox (Stock) Xbox (in pieces) Sony List... Playstation 2 (Fat Style) x2 PSOne (New smallish one) x2 Playstation 1 (stock) x3 Playstation 1 (In pieces) PSP Nintendo List... Wii Gamecube N64 x3 SNES (Region Free) SNES (Stock) NES (Disabled Lock-out Chip) NES (Stock) Virtual Boy Gameboy Advance SP Gameboy Advance x2 Gameboy Color x3 Gameboy Pocket Gameboy x3 Nintendo DS Sega List... Dreamcast Saturn Genesis x5 (at least) Master System Sega Cd II Sega 32X Game Gear Atari... Atari 2600 x2 (One boxed) Atari 2600 Jr Atari 65XE (Booxed) Sears Telegames II Other.. Odyssey 2 Odyssey 400 Odyssey 3000 Intellivision Intelivision (Sili) Intelivision II ColecoVision Commodore 64 VIC 20 TRS 80 CoCo II I think thats all
  7. Moycon, I'm not talking about things required for game completion. You do get gamescore for for unlocking certain items, but there are things that only unlock after you get 100% gamerscore. Thats how I see it presented on all the websites. 1000/1000 gamerscore, not 49/49 achievements.
  8. Whats that have to do with achievements? I've never seen a achievement that unlocks any game content so far. Halo 3 and @NE146, I don't play the classics too much anymore, yet alone on my 360. Its sad, I know, but oh so true. I just don't think I have anything to prove with scores.
  9. I think its crap that I can't have access to all the content on my disc without doing mundane things, to have it. Alot of people are like "Hey, your gamerscore is in the dirt" and I say "I play games to play games, not to show people a big number so they can be impressed by me"
  10. They suck ass around here. I waited 40 minutes for the guy to get me two xboxes, and when I undo them at home to hook them up, one doesn't work, and came with a playstation 2 video cable.
  11. GRRR! I just threw away four poptarts boxes
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