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  1. I totally misread “Videodome” as “Videodrome”! Looks like I need a little more sleep. Ah well, I think the CNE bit is still correct…
  2. CNE is most likely the Canadian National Exhibtion held annually in Toronto. The Cronenberg movie “Videodrome” was filmed/produced in Toronto, too, so perhaps there was some kind of tie-in.
  3. Here's my dump of the T-handled River Raid from Tron. Like the Robby version of River Raid, it features fuel tanks graphically changed to read COMB (i.e. short for combustível; i.e. fuel), and has "C" ("cheio"; i.e. full) and "R" (not sure but possibly "reabastecer", i.e. refuel) markings on the fuel gauge. Unlike the Robby cart, the copyright on this one was blanked out. River Raid (Tron).bin
  4. Thanks, it's a highlight of my collection for sure. More exciting things to share soon...
  5. Yes, this seller has done this before. I don't remember what specifically I spotted in the past, but the name rang a bell, and... yep, same person. Glad you were able to get a return approved.
  6. The 2800 / Television Computer System / Computer Video Game, made by 大雅電子有限公司 (Dar Yar Electronics Co., Ltd) of Taiwan. It's PAL-D format, so it was almost certainly made for the Chinese mainland. Edit: to be clear, this is an Atari 2600 clone. In addition to the shell, it seems to use a repurposed Famiclone motherboard. The Rockwell-made chips have date codes that indicate that this had to have been made in very late 1988 or later. And if all that wasn't enough... the box was designed to imitate a Famicom box, too!
  7. Me either, but I did see this box for sale last year. It was far, far too expensive to consider purchasing/importing, and unfortunately there were no photos of the contents. But it does make me wonder if Greek manuals might exist...
  8. Never thought I'd see so many Danish manuals -- that's incredible! Polyvox manuals are in Portuguese, of course. I don't have any of those yet, but I can supply some Swedish manual scans once I get my scanner working again (or I get a new one). Can also scan one more Danish manual. I think Finnish, Greek, and Arabic are the most likely other candidates, but I haven't turned up anything concrete for any of those yet.
  9. Per this page, Space Invaders was also included with the VCS in Japan for a brief time, when Epoch was importing/distributing it. It would almost certainly have had to have been for a fairly short period in 1980, as Epoch came out with their own "TV Vader" dedicated console the same year, and their Cassette Vision came out the year afterward.
  10. Thanks for all the ROM dumps! Can you please share your process for dumping multicarts that don’t have switches for selecting games (e.g. carts that require console power cycling to cycle through the games)? I have a small stack of them that I’d love to try to dump with my Atarimax Maxflash Programmer, but... I don’t know if it’s possible.
  11. I will check to see which manuals I could donate to the cause. Maybe I can ship some to be scanned and sent back to me. PM if you wanna discuss. There's an international Flag Capture "Big Book" manual. I've not come across another one. I've also seen a Home Run international "Big Book" style; I wasn't able to buy it, but I saved an image of the sale listing if you should need more proof than my word. Keep up the good work...
  12. First one appears to be a Planet Patrol variant. Second one looks like Mission 3,000 A.D.
  13. Totally agree. I've got some things that I've wanted to put into higher quality cases, but I haven't wanted to spend the stupid prices (and even stupider shipping prices) from the one place that I know has what I want. It's possible that even shipping from overseas might end up cheaper than what I would have to spend elsewhere. Will send a PM soon.
  14. I was not able to get the dumper (or my 2600) to recognize anything in the double-left switch position. If I was confident that I could get the cart open without damaging the label I would certainly try -- I'd love to see what's going on inside a 3-in-1.
  15. @Al_Nafuur - 🤔 ? @Tempest - I tested for that (P0 collisions off, emulation at 1000%), and Snow Hunter does *not* have that display bug... but then again, I don't think Mountain Man (ITT Family) has it either.
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