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  1. Sounds like you've got a good handle on it then! 🙂 But seriously, coming in here and requesting quick valuation of something you've never collected before is maybe not the best first impression. Forums can be slow; people will reply when-they-can and/or if-they-want. Marc O. has had a CIB Rush Hour for sale at 70.00 EUR; you could search the forums here and maybe look for some other prior sales. No idea about that specific Halloween release, sorry. Tempest 5200 CIB has sold a couple times in the last year on eBay, I think; stick around and wait for some additional sales and I'm sure you'll eventually see one. The A-Team proto board... if it's a revision that isn't one of the two that are already circulating, that certainly would increase its value. Obviously it has intrinsic value as a prototype of an unreleased game, but an unlabeled board is a little less appealing/interesting than a labeled one, IMO. Figuring out whether it's a previously unknown version and letting the community know would be a nice way to introduce yourself, I think. It would also help to determine its value. I think $175 each for the Data Age releases might be a reasonable guess, but since we only have one partial data point from 13 years ago it's really hard to say for sure. Anyway, while they're final releases, there would still certainly be some demand for the carts. The boxes and manuals are likely identical to the retail releases; I can attest to the fact that the manuals are the same, anyway. Your "Something is only worth..." statement applies to these more than anything else on your list. Everything else, I think you should be able to determine a reasonable value estimate by looking at eBay sales and price charting guides. Let us know about that A-Team cart!
  2. I have the same Data Age carts; they're review copies / production samples. Same as final versions.
  3. @Mr. Postman -- just letting you know that I dumped the Bit Corp 8-in-1 NTSC cart earlier this year, as well as the R320 32-in-1 Bit Corp pack-in cart (included with their Creator 30 console). Further on in the same thread I started a small which-came-first-NTSC-or-PAL discussion about the 8-in-1, where I leaned toward PAL being the originally intended format, but honestly I like your assessment just as much, especially given that Taiwan uses the NTSC broadcast standard. I think the book remains open on this, but your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.😁 In case anyone is looking for an 8-in-1 cart, I now have an extra to sell or trade. PM me if interested.
  4. Long time no post! I've gotta try to post more regularly. Here's some more uncommon and unusual stuff. I believe this Othello cart was likely manufactured by Atari México, and is thus an "official" release. Why do I think it's official? There's the end label, which looks super similar to an official Atari picture label end label (the vast majority of pirate and bootleg cartridge makers made their labels look nothing like the "real" thing). Also, there's the existence of this other Othello cart (which I tried to purchase, to no avail). It appears to be the same green labeled cart... but with an Atari Corp label over top of the main label! Here are two carts from Hin Seng, Atari's licensed distributor licensed distributor for a brief time in Singapore. I'm still hoping to find another Hin Seng cart -- one with a different label style (it says Hin Seng / Planetary Headquarters right on it). Last item for now, the Bit Corp 8-in-1 NTSC cart! I recently dumped this; the ROMs will be in the v16 collection from Atarimania, or you can go get them from the forum thread now. I actually have an extra one of these; contact me if you're interested in trading/buying. These are pretty dang tough to find, it seems... I'm all about collecting international 2600 stuff! Definitely PM me if you have anything you'd like to trade/sell (especially trade). Tops on my want-list right now are carts from Turkey and Argentina.
  5. Not looking at any game code, here's what I notice (long story short, NTSC as the original programming now seems unlikely to me): Bobby is Going Home - PAL version blue sky in first screen a more sensible color choice than NTSC purple-ish color - Level number not fully displayed on bottom of screen in 8-in-1 NTSC ROM Dancing Plate - Music feels too fast in NTSC version (even though it probably is supposed to convey frantic action!) - PAL version colors, especially the background, feel more sensible color choices than NTSC Mission 3000, A.D. - Melody sound effects that play when blowing up an enemy seem slightly too fast in NTSC version - Gameplay is a touch too frantic in NTSC version, while PAL feels more reasonable Mr. Postman - Gameplay is a touch too frantic in NTSC version, while PAL feels more reasonable - Bit Corp logo not fully displayed on bottom of screen in 8-in-1 NTSC ROM Open, Sesame! - Walking sound effect feels too fast in NTSC version - Bit Corp logo not fully displayed on bottom of screen in 8-in-1 NTSC ROM Phantom Tank - PAL version colors feel more sensible than NTSC, though not by much - Sound and gameplay feel to me a bit more natural in the PAL version Seamonster - NTSC version has unstable scanline count (267-270 lines) - same as the Puzzy and CCE NTSC ROMs, whereas PAL is stable at 312 lines - Bit Corp logo not fully displayed on bottom of screen in 8-in-1 NTSC ROM Space Tunnel - Start of game melody seems too fast in NTSC version - Some sound effects seem not to play quite properly in NTSC version? Thanks for the guidance on PAL vs NTSC. Perhaps the book isn't completely closed on this, but the fact that all of the PAL versions seem more "right" to me definitely tells a story, in my opinion.
  6. I suppose my first question is more related to the 8-in-1 cart. I guess what I'm ultimately trying to ask is if it's possible to tell from game code whether the 9 original Bit Corp titles were first programmed to be NTSC-compliant. Considering that Taiwan used the NTSC format at the time, and considering that there's evidence of 1) Bit Corp / Puzzy selling a console with the (NTSC) R320 cart as a pack-in, 2) Bit Corp / Puzzy potentially having sold some games directly in North America, and 3) Bit Corp apparently officially having licensed their 9 games to CCE in Brazil (who used/uses NTSC carts for their PAL-M systems)... I'm wondering if all of this perhaps hints toward these games being NTSC originals, and the global PAL releases came afterward. One can debate the usefulness of the NTSC vs PAL distinction to begin with, but I think it can be historically instructive to have a definitive answer to the question, if one exists. Regarding the fourth question... is there any code shared between the BOMB games and Bit Corp games, do we know? Does the code for the radar in Great Escape bear any similarity to the one in Mission 3,000 A.D., for example?
  7. I now realize where I went wrong with this: Stella's difficulty switch settings. For Amidar, I was defaulting to switches in the A position. For Spiderdroid and the Bit Corp hack, the switches were in the B position. This was what crossed me up. I agree, it's an Amidar hack, not a Spiderdroid hack. Yes, this also puts a dent in my "Froggo used Bit Corp's hack" theory. Thanks for looking deeper, Thomas.
  8. Surround -- no difference. The correctly-sized ROM supplied by Omegamatrix matches the regular NTSC Atari ROM. Be sure you're including those 2K ROMs instead of the 4K ones that I dumped. The others need to be looked at. Imagic's copyright is gone from Trick Shot but beyond that I can't see any obvious difference.
  9. Thanks for catching the 2K vs 4K thing. The Maxflash software's minimum ROM dump size is 4K, and I forgot that a handful of those games were 2K. Looks like Surround from the R320 cart also matches the original Atari ROM.
  10. Over last weekend I dumped the R320 multicart from Bit Corporation. It's an NTSC cart that features hacks of games from 11 publishers (Atari, Activision, Imagic, M-Network, 20th Century Fox, Sega, Parker Brothers / Froggo, Konami, U.S. Games, Tigervision, and Technovision). I recently found a (Chinese) article that shows that the R320 was not only a Bit Corp cart, but was the pack-in cartridge for Bit Corp's "Creator 30", a clone console of the Atari 2600. Though R320 carts are found in Mexico and South America these days, my guess is that the consoles/carts were originally sold within Taiwan (which also used the NTSC system at the time). The R320 has been discussed in the forums before but has not been dumped/shared... at least not to my knowledge. I haven't (yet?) disassembled anything to examine game code to see whether there's more to these hacks than just graphics changes. I have no idea if/when I'll have the time to do that... so anyone else should naturally feel free to beat me to it. TL;DR -- there's a load of unique graphics hacks (most of them minor) here, and IMO the evidence continues to mount that Bit Corp is the original source of ALL "pirate" games, including those found on the Screen Search console (see also) and the 208-in-1 cart. So, without further ado... These appear to be NTSC versions of existing PAL ROMs: 01 - Atlantis (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) -- note: appears to be an NTSC version of the ROM "Atlantis (Hack) (208 in 1) (Unknown) (PAL)". 11 - Missile Command (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) -- note: appears to be an NTSC version of the ROM "Missile Command (Hack) (208 in 1) (Unknown) (PAL)". 17 - Tennis (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) -- note: appears to be an NTSC version of the ROM "Tennis (Hack) (208 in 1) (Unknown) (PAL)". 18 - Basketball (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) -- note: appears to be an NTSC version of the ROM "Basketball (Hack) (208 in 1) (Unknown) (PAL)". 27 - Name this Game (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) -- note: appears to be an NTSC version of the ROM "Name This Game (Hack) (208 in 1) (Unknown) (PAL)". These are identical to existing ROMs: 09 - Pooyan (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) -- note: an exact match to the ROM "Pooyan (Hack) (2600 Screen Search Console) (Jone Yuan Telephonic Enterprise Co)". 22 - Super Challenge Baseball (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) -- note: an exact match to the ROM "Super Challenge Baseball (2600 Screen Search Console) (Jone Yuan Telephonic Enterprise Co)". 29 - Save Our Ship (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) -- note: an exact match to the ROM "Save Our Ship (Hack) (Unknown)", which itself appears to be an NTSC version of Quelle's "Robin Hood" release. These appear to be new graphics hacks not seen/shared before, NTSC or PAL: 02 - Flash Gordon (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) 03 - Assault (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) -- note: the "mothership" in the game is identical to the "mothership" from World End (Home Vision). 04 - Spider Fighter (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) 05 - Space Invaders (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) 06 - Demon Attack (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) 07 - SpaceMaster X-7 (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) 08 - Air Raiders (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) 10 - Defender (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) 12 - Tac-Scan (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) 14 - Spiderdroid (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) -- note: Atarimania lists this as Amidar, but the enemy numbers/movement mirrors Spiderdroid. 16 - Golf (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) 19 - (Pele's) Championship Soccer (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) 20 - Bowling (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) 23 - Video Pinball (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) -- note: Atarimania lists this as Midnight Magic in error. 24 - Donkey Kong (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) 25 - Bank Heist (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) 26 - Lock 'n' Chase (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) 28 - Jawbreaker (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) 30 - Fast Eddie (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) 31 - Circus Atari (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) 32 - Fishing Derby (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) I'm unsure of the extent of any changes in these: 13 - Othello (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) -- note: this wasn't an exact match with any known Othello ROMs, but I'm not able to see any obvious differences from the standard Atari Othello ROM, either. 15 - Surround (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) -- note: this wasn't an exact match with any known Surround ROMs, but I'm not able to see any obvious differences from the standard Atari Surround ROM, either. 21 - Trick Shot (Hack) (Bit Corporation R320) -- note: this appears to be the standard Trick Shot ROM but with the on-screen Imagic copyright removed. There could be other unseen differences. Some questions: 1) Is there any way to know whether a game was first created as a PAL game and converted to NTSC? I'm wondering whether Bit Corp generally started with NTSC programs (which they converted to PAL), or vice versa... or if they did conversions both ways. 2) I'm curious about the Spiderdroid/Amidar hack. Given the partial Bit Corp logo that was found in Froggo's Karate (previously from Ultravision), I think it's possible that Froggo acquired Bit Corp's hack and modified it, rather than this Bit Corp hack being based on Spiderdroid. Anyone have thoughts/speculation? 3) Where did the NTSC ROM "Save Our Ship (Hack) (Unknown)" come from? Did CPUWIZ dump and share that one ROM from his R320 cart? This also connects with my first question: I wonder whether Quelle's Robin Hood was a PAL conversion from this Bit Corp NTSC hack, or if Quelle's version was first (considering the original PAL Technovision source). 4) Any thoughts on that Assault / World End (Home Vision) mothership connection? Sure, it could just be a hack of Assault, but... is it possible that the BOMB games are actually Bit Corp originals, too? They do have kind of a Bit Corp "feel" to me... Bit Corporation - R320 cartridge.zip
  11. Alrighty, here are the other three, dumped from my cart (but matching existing ROMs). I didn't delete them after all, so no re-dump was necessary. Space Tunnel (1982) (Bit Corporation) (PG202).bin Bobby is Going Home (1983) (Bit Corporation) (PG206).bin Mission 3,000 A.D. (1983) (Bit Corporation) (PG207).bin
  12. If I had that, I would surely have posted it on April 1!
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