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  1. Oscar, I love your work and CoolCV is an absolutely brilliant emulator. It works like a charm with retropie on my Raspberry Pi 2. However... I also recently upgraded to a Pi 4, and the lr-bluemsx emulator is a disappointment. It won't open zipped files, or sgm games. I managed to get CoolCV running outside of Retropie with TwisterOS and its awesome BoxX86 wrapper program, but it runs slowly. I also managed to compile ColEm and get it running outside of RetroPie, but it also won't open zipped files or use gamepads.

    If you have the time in the near future, can you please try to re-compile CoolCV for the Pi 4, and get it included in an upcoming version of Retropie?

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  2. Another easy (and cheap) way to improve the video quality is to hook the console up to a VCR, using that little RF adapter plug. Use the video-in on the VCR, then run composite cables for the video out from the VCR to the TV. And, in theory, I suppose if you are lucky to have an S-VHS VCR you could do S-video out to the TV bumping up the quality even more.

  3. My vote goes to Mappy for music and sound, because it's spot-on, despite the slow-down I'm getting with the emulator. On a faster machine or real 2600, it would be awesome. I also really liked the music in Stripes of Terror, and I found Beeware to be a fun little game that should've been nominated in a few more categories.


    I had a chance to play Mappy this weekend made it to level 5 - awesome gameplay! :)

    Mappy is the first Atari 2600 game that I actually had trouble emulating. Using retropie on a raspberry pi 2, and I found that it won't work with the lr-stella. You have to switch to the standalone Stella emulator. There is some music slow-down, but the game is still playable!

  5. I would love to see the Atari 7800 emulation brought back. There were some excellent games on the Flashback 1, which I still have in my collection, but they were a little glitchy. I'm sure ATgames could improve the emulation for a new model. On the Sega side, I think adding the Sega CD games would be great. Granted, the files are huge, but flash memory keeps getting cheaper, so even adding a few SegaCD games could be a possibility.

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