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  1. Do you have a Micro Center store nearby? If so, definitely check them out. Heck, try them online. I'm sure they have lots of desktops. Dan
  2. Pac-man 256 is probably the best I've seen. it's for Android and IOS. It has an endless maze, lots of ghosts and all kinds of crazy power ups. Pac-mania for either NES or Sega would be my runner-up, followed by Ms. pac-man for the 2600. Dan
  3. I would also be interested. How about the Offworld arcade (at the Checker Bar in Detroit), or Pinball Pete's in Ann Arbor? BTW, Tempest... I am also downriver (Wyandotte). Dan
  4. Hi All! I finally joined the forums and I too am in Michigan. I've been to Pinball Pete's a couple times. I had my 40th birthday party there a few years ago. So what is new with the MCGG? Any upcoming events planned? Dan
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