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  1. Incidentally what is Maplin? I am not familiar with the reference. Without knowing this thread would come up, I bought a parrot digitizer. Now it has a tool for playing with sound forms, and of course can digitize speech within severe limits. I am encouraged that someone might, for the purpose of 8 bit applications formulate something between sam and true digitized approach...gaining better output by trading size for quality. Been doing some homework on this...found an interesting thread guess rybags did it on 2 bit generation of the mission impossible c64 phrase....another visitor. Stay awhile, stay forever. I am talking about considering phoneme generation as a type of speech compression. And further giving up some size in order to consider a subset of diphonemes and to give consideration to prosody. I am sure none of this is novel...but in 1982 it was about tts....which is not my focus now...nor would simply digitizing content be novel. What would be novel today is creating decent speech for a game or app on the atari...highly compressed.. Well i know..thoughts are one thing some code would be more interesting....i am thinking of recreating the wheel a bit and starting with phoneme speech and then seeing if it can be tweeked unless someone has been there/done that already
  2. The truth is what a sloopy creditor, like me, should do is force it into court under bankruptcy laws, and then we could write off our loss....I am assuming we wont see even a partial return on our investment. Not being worth it to me, I have just forgiven the debt. Bk would have better in some ways, to close this chapter. What if I did receive a vbxe 15 years from now. In order to enjoy having a vbxe I had to buy one years ago. The loss was taken no matter what sloopy does now. Feelings could heal except the episode is still ongoing...thats why i favor bk. Legally it is a final answer. We all take our losses..I understand if some of you feel differently. The episode sucks but I would hate to still be waiting. That is misery. Sloopy was always and I mean always willing to give me additional promises. But after a while, whats the point. I would not collect an additional promise from him. I am not saying just always let go whenever you take a loss. .i am just saying for me I could take it to court, I dont because it isnt in my best interest to do so. I made the decision. So i have moved on.
  3. At a guess my classic Atari interest was from 1981-1985....so I'm reading this thread, thinking what the heck is a Z: handler? LOL, but I did look it up. You could address ICD's R-Time-8 cartridge as a Z: device, and in doing so it make it easy to get Time and Date information from the cartridge in the Basic environment. There was a lot going in in the late 80's, let alone in the modern era, to catch up on. Even SAM, despite being a 1982 release, I had never heard of it. Interestingly enough, here http://simulationcorner.net/index.php?page=samsomeone disassembled the C64 version and ported it to C/Windows. The cool thing about the project is they talk about how it works. https://github.com/s-macke/SAM It really is quite interesting, however....one problem, the speech is quite bad. I know, it would've been great in 1982, of course.
  4. I'll be honest, I still feel like the semantics of it all somehow disagree with me. But I'll chalk that up to my own personal preferences. I agree with your statement that there is little positive about running SDX on a 64KB machine with SIDE driver. But I also feel very comfortable with the idea that as a practical matter, the SIDE 2 solution is not simply the hardware, it is the hardware and the driver both, and when considering both, the end effect is many programs end up requiring extended memory or they don't run. Now, if you can edit CONFIG.SYS to make it all work - which I doubt, but even if you can, under the heading of 'whats the best way to save' I have to count extended tinkering with CONFIG.SYS as a negative. The reason I still have doubt about it, is because I was referring to a very specific scenario - that of having purchased a SIDE 2, and having the the compact flash in a still unconfigured state. You need to run fdisk to partition. Then format a partition. After that you could begin your journey with CONFIG.SYS. Now, I admit ignorance - but I still feel like this is an area in need of further inquiry - even at the risk of boring everyone. Can you really edit a CONFIG.SYS to use with the stock SIDE 2 configuration that loads before you have ever configured a hard disk in the first place? In my imagination of how things would work, is you'd have to first have gotten to the point of configuring your hard disk and formatting it, then you could, on subsequent boots have a config.sys define the sdx startup config. But for that initial need for fdisk and if only having a side 2 cart and stock 64k atari - that wouldn't work - and didn't work for me with sdx 4.46...I haven't tried since upgrading to 4.47 I don't find we are actually disagreeing on any technical points.... I've edited this post several times, because it feels like a semantic discussion and I want to avoid it. It goes without saying a cartridge solution has other issues too. Like you cannot take your Atari/Assembler editor cartridge, use it to create a program and save your program using SIDE 2 - because they are both cartridges.... Now in a hardware forum, I'd have to admit, that I suppose you could build a multi-cart hardware solution to solve that, just like I suppose in a software forum, I have to admit you could roll your own solution to memory issues in SIDE 2. I totally agree about other programs besides fdisk having the memory needs that conflict with stock side 2 environment as well. In fact, I used FC.COM to turn off my rambo core to do some testing. Using FC.COM worked without hitch, but when I went to use FC.COM again, to turn rambo core back on, I found without the rambo core, FC.COM would not work - memory conflict. Of course, it's not the fault of FC.COM, but the memory conflict. I removed the SIDE 2 cart, ran fc.com from sio2sd, where I was able to turn my rambo core back on. side 2 on 64k isn't fun - the sio2sd is all I used until I got extended memory. Of course i didn't use the side loader, which would've worked...I was primarily only interested it the cart as a hdd solution. Now that I have 256k I do use it. But I will replace it with a IDE Plus someday, that's another subject, it appears my IDE Plus has been held in customs for a couple months...booger
  5. I can't make sense of the game, but that is a really nice pink panther. visuals are great.
  6. p.s. I haven't checked it since I reflashed, I should check again....I'll see if I can check tonight sometime.
  7. That's one for the conversation specialists. To be sure, I'm talking about the SIDE 2 cart and using the built in fdisk, which will require extended memory even if it's only because of the environment of the SIDE 2 cart and the high MEMLO due to the SIDE.SYS driver. all that is interesting additional detail....I appreciate it, but I'd still say the same thing - the built in fdisk requires extended memory. Because as a practical matter, that's what a person needs to know. Now if you are saying, here is how you can use fdisk on your stock 800XL with only a 64k atari and a standard side 2 cart....lay it on us....that'd be great.
  8. Probably part of the fun of modding is DIY....but I'm taking my time....like years. I bought all the soldering stuff, and practiced enough that I removed an IC and put in a socket. That took some practice. The other day I removed an MMU and OS chip and put it in a machine that was already socketed - and that felt to me, like winning the olympics, lol. I went through a period of collecting, so I probably have like 6 machines....all picked up super cheap though. I tend to buy junk. Atari's that were used in businesses and already modded, so not worth much to collectors anyway. that's definitely another advantage to plug in hardware the ability to keep the atari stock. Plus troubleshooting is easier. The F7 would've been great, that's for sure. But without modding the machine,..one has to live with stock video out..I think even just having an svideo mod is a great improvement, although I've been going with vbxe. now that's a lot of work, because they don't even put the 'header' on the card, for some reason, its a lot of soldering.
  9. Interesting, makes me wonder if I have a chelco 800XL. I have an all socketed 800XL, says made in Hong Kong and has a special keyboard - unfortunately which now has one broken key cap. Ashame because otherwise the keyboard actually seems superior to a standard one. Now that I know what to look for, I'll have to see if it is stamped chelco
  10. Personally, for vintage equipment, I like e-bay. You could also check goodwill or craigslist, but e-bay will have a regular supply. However, if buying new equipment like a sio2sd or side 2 cart, I buy from lotharek, you can find the website on a google search. One thing I'll say about the side 2 cartridge, is if you do plan to use it as a hard disk, you'll naturally want to setup the sd card as a hard disk, the built in partitioning utility "fdisk" requires extended memory. So SIDE 2 works as a side loader at 64k, but for full functionality as a hard disk platform, you will want an atari with 128k or more. If memory is an issue, get the sio2sd. Personally, I use both, a side 2 and a sio2sd.
  11. Oh I'll be honest I'd like it a lot better if I didn't suck at it. I really will have to give it another try at a slower speed. I don't play games a lot, so I certainly don't have any particularly quick reaction time. It reminds me of a few years ago, someone said I need to try some game, it was some kind of online arena 3d first person shootemup. And I'd 'spawn' I guess and then immediately die. Spawn, then die, spawn then die. Logically I knew there was some way to play the game, but on another level, I'm like what is the thrill in this repetitive death simulation.
  12. Again, sort of blogging my experiences, but I removed the U1MB completely. This is a fair bit easier than installing one, but still, I almost feel like a hardware guru now Made no difference. Which is to say the strangeness with most of my cartridges not working remains. I plug in some carts, and the rapidus bar doesn't progress when turning the machine on - just hangs. I can't blame the U1MB any more. Side 2 cart works like a champ and frankly that's the main thing for this machine, so further troubleshooting might be down the road a bit. I may toss the carts in another machine just to make sure they still work. It'd be interesting to hear from another rapidus owner if all their carts work, or if that just isn't something I'm supposed to be doing. I have changed the setting to classic 6502c, but doesn't seem to make a difference.
  13. well then I had no hope of finding it, since I had PBI turned off Frankly I find it fun to ask questions at AtariAge, but don't want to waste anyone's time either. Even though I suspect that a perfectly valid test of flashing the U1MB was done in the past, I want to do it myself, to begin taking a little responsibility for the system. But I do plan to do as you advised, and first stabilize the system. I'll remove all the add-ons and then add them back one by one...until ultimately I've destroyed the machine, and non-working is the most stable state of them all I'm joking a bit....anyway, I will open another thread if I have questions, sorry to hijack your thread.
  14. Larry, What I do when I buy something and need support is I go to either the manufacturer or to the place I bought it and look for documentation. So, in this case, I went back to Lotharek's site: http://www.lotharek.pl/product.php?pid=107 And then found a link to download "rapidus.pdf" and found a link to download "xegsmpd.zip" Then beyond that I start searching around keyword after keyword into the Google search engine. "atari rapidus configuration" "atari rapidus menu" "atari rapidus settings" - none of which turned up anything quickly. Finally I ask questions here on AtariAge and do Atari Age searches. Oddly enough I had that key combination when I first got the rapidus, I can no longer tell you where I found it. But I do remember checking the settings early on. But trying to re-find it was something else....unfortunately took me a while. You know early versions of rapidus, you can see the progress bar tells you to hit some button to enter the settings (esc if I remember right) - apparently that was no longer part of my version. But even just an on screen message like that, might be nice. These are not complaints - Lotharek is awesome and I am so glad he sells his wares to this community. But, if he had had a document on his website that said this is how you get into the settings (which is a common enough thing you'd want to do)....that'd have saved me time. Just a little feedback to the ether here.....lol. But seriously it isn't just feedback to the ether, this post repeats the key combination and uses every keyword - "atari rapidus configuration" "atari rapidus menu" "atari rapidus settings" - and multiple times So if google indexes it, it could be the answer for someone, someday ...hehe
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