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  1. I'm going to have to disagree. Wanting to collect all of the DIFFERENT console variations should not be classified as hoarding. It's collecting, hoarding is something different entirely. Hoarding would be owning 17 4 switch woodys and buying every single one you come across so others can't have them. THAT my friend hoarding. Wanting to have ONE example of every console variation is not. It's called collecting, and all my consoles get played. Even my Heavy Sixer :-)
  2. I love the 2600. By far my favorite retro console. I have many games and I also enjoy collecting the different console variations. The Coleco Gemini kind of caught my interest being an Atari clone and all. Normally I steer clear of clone consoles. But being such an old clone. And coming from a company such as Coleco. Is it worth putting on a shelf with such legendary consoles as the Heavy Sixer?
  3. Oh I'm sure it will look clear as day. And my VCR is very good at demodulation. It's a very high quality theater grade unit. But as you said I'm still limited by the RF. God I hate RF. No doubt I'm having the Mod done. But I'm stuck between having it done on my Light Sixer. Or Vader.
  4. Well it does benefit being ran through the VCR because the Audio/Video are split up to RCA composite which greatly improves the picture over the straight RF. But the picture is still a bit fuzzy and there is a bit of static noise as well. So I'm sure an S-Video mod would greatly improve that. And my CRT supports S-Video So I may just have it done on my Vader when I get the money.
  5. Funny you should mention the Arcade II. I've been wanting to get a hold of one. Along with a Coleco Gemini. They would be much better additions to my collection anyway. Due to their rarity.
  6. I find that the only games that have issues are later games made by Atari. The specs on the carts are just different enough to cause an issue. I believe it's due the the metal RF shielding being a bit out of spec. Might have to take a file to it to smooth it out as I was advised to do. Although I haven't done it yet.
  7. My issue isn't the connector itself. But the bezel or the metal RF shielding. Because the actual plastic of the cart rubs and makes a tight fit. It actually leaves scuff marks on my games which is why I don't use the console. The molding of the metal shielding is very rough. I may just have a defective console. Because I've double checked it was assembled properly. And the motherboard has never been pulled out.
  8. The later games made by Atari. Mostly the Red and Silver label games. They fit. I just have to force them lol.
  9. I have to agree. The Junior just doesn't have that 70's look that made the 2600 iconic. Not to mention the notably cheaper build quality. I might buy one just for the sake of collecting. Or maybe use it as a beater console. But as for collecting I'd rather have more rare consoles. Such as the Coleco Gemini. I'm just not sold on it. I'd have to run into one cheap.
  10. I've thought about having the composite mod done to my Vader. But I run my consoles through a VCR that has composite video out. So I get composite out of consoles. But I'm sure the straight AV mod would look a bit better because it negates the whole pass through thing.
  11. The only one of my consoles that has that issue is my Light Sixer. My Heavy Sixer and Vader fit all carts I've tried. I'm actually not the biggest fan of the Light Sixer. But it looks pretty lol.
  12. Okay, so I own a 4 switch Vader, A Light Sixer, and a Heavy Sixer. I mostly play my Vader due to it being a newer more reliable console. But also play my Heavy often, due to the better video quality. But my question is. Is it worth owning a Junior? They look cheap and ugly to me and it just seemed like Atari's last ditch effort to breath life into a dying console. Even though I do consider myself a collector of Atari 2600's. I still need a legitimate reason before I spend my money on a console. So is there a real reason to buy a Junior? Or am I good with what I already have?
  13. How do I get a hold of one of those Harmony carts? I'd love to pick one of those up as well.
  14. I can solder.. I'm a trained PC tech. I just don't have an iron cause I wore my old one out. And my setup right now is a 4sw Vader ran straight through a VCR so it can output composite video without requiring an av mod. As I do not like modding my consoles unless it's for repairs. The picture is very crisp and clear. No fuzz on screen and crisp stereo sound ran through a surround sound system on a Zenith CRT
  15. Seems like the heavy's have a higher failure rate than other models... Or is it just me? I've had 2 of them and both have had issues. Well it could just be due to their age. But jeeze.
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