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  1. I have two 520 STFMs One is working but the other refuses to output any video. The power and floppy lights come on and the floppy is seeking.If there is a disk in it sounds like it's loading and through the composite output I am getting clicks on keypresses so the computer is working but I when tried the TV output it wouldn't even tune into anything. I also tried composite through the 13 pin connector to an lcd TV and an old crt monitor and I'm getting no output whatsoever-not even a black or white screen-just sound. I have done a visual check of the soldering,swapped out the PSU and shifter with the known working ones from the other ST and pushed the rest of the socketed chips to make sure they are in properly and am now wondering what steps I should take next? Thanks dudes.
  2. And with that correction it's now working fine. Thanks for all your help.I had assumed that the 23C040 was the 27512 referred to in the jumper instructions. I learn something new every day and that's why this retro stuff is so much fun.
  3. Well I have just tested saber wulf disk image on my TI and it ran fine so my nano peb memory must be fine like you said. I got the board assembled from arcadeshopper.I'm using 27©040 eproms One thing I'm not sure about is the jumpers.I followed the instructions for the 27512 (jp2,jp3 (1-3) and jp4 (1-2)) but left the other jumpers as they were so jp1 has no jumper at all,jp5 and 6 are jumpered,jp7 has no jumper and jp8 has the middle two pins (1-3) connected. Will have a look through my spares and see if I've got a 74LS378 lying around and give that a try as looking around the board with my magnifying glass hasn't shown any problems with shorts. I have only tried two games from the 512K compilation that you posted with the memory test that worked for me and the correct games appeared that I selected.Will try some others to see if they all work.
  4. I'm having a problem getting the 512k images working.Burned the games pack 1,got the option for the games but pressing 2 just takes me to a blue screen as described by space invader. I do have a nanopeb so I tried the bank test program and a lot of the banks don't say OK. Is this a normal result? I have tried other images and the only one that's worked is the 8k rom compilation that don't need the extra 32k so I'm thinking I might have a problem with my nanopeb.SIZE in extended basic give two results which I think is correct for expanded memory but I haven't run a memory test yet.
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