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  1. Update: Amazingly, I was able to fit everything back together without "scrunching" anything. The trick is to route the audio cable in between the cartridges then out the right side, since there's more of it. The video cable has to be careful routed to the right of the cartridge enclosure, then while hold the board upside down make sure the cables are in the gap while putting the metal cover back on. Also, the white and pink cables have to be gingerly pushed to the side when the metal cover is back on to make sure the screws do not hit the wires. Tough job, but finally got it!
  2. HI Fellow Atarians- I am having heck of a time fitting the cables and cards into this 800. I have upgraded it with both Jurgen's and Candle's (and FlashJazzCat!) SCCC and Incognito, respectively. I am using the internal video jack instead of putting the video cable out the back of the Atari. I have also attached the audio cable to the recommended junction, so I have 2 cables soldered to the board. While trying to work in the cartridge slots and the metal shield, I cannot them together without pinching cables. Does anyone have any advice and preferable pictures showing how they worked those cables back into the case? Thanks! Mike
  3. Thanks so much Nezgar! Anyone else? Thoughts?
  4. Hey Folks- I need some advice. How important is it to you if the 1050 drive label, on the bottom is missing or damaged? Do you think that would damage its re-sell value, or its collectible value? I've been upset over the fact that I retro-brighted my drives (to get rid of the nasty yellow) and all of the labels were damaged. I really want to re-create the experience of having a new drive, however. Would it make things worse if I scanned the original label and then printed a fresh copy with similar paper? Thanks, Mike
  5. Hey Svenski- I am looking as well. And are those the internal feet that the drive mechanism sits on? I need those for the 1050. They are like black little donuts. Also looking for the drive feet as well, for the case bottoms.
  6. tf_hh/Jurgen- I have ordered from you multiple times and I've always received what I ordered. You, my friend, are Wunderbar! I will ALWAYS order from you. We are still in this damn pandemic. Patience is key. I support you, Jurgen. Keep up your AWESOME work! -Mike
  7. @flashjazzcat You are once again, are a man wise beyond your years. Thanks! Mike
  8. I assume all questions can be answered here? https://atari8.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/APT-Software-Manual-8th-Edition.pdf
  9. HI Folks- Is this post still relevant in 2021 with Incognito with FJC's Rev.3.10? I know, this is SIDE2, but does it apply? I am a complete idiot when it comes to APT/SDX, etc, so I am relying on this article on prepping a CF card (SanDisk 256Mb from Amazon). I'd like to have some drives recognized by my 800, and then spare space to throw XEX and ATR files in from the PC. I am having some oddness with Colleen mode, but I will post that in another article. Thanks! Mike
  10. Thanks Greg2600! There's always tons of AFB consoles at GoodWill stores. Will keep an eye out for the AFB2. Mucho apreciado!
  11. Are the joysticks better in the FB2 or the FB7? I have some from the FB3 and they feel like mush!
  12. Anyone here know how to repair cracks and restore pieces missing from an 800 case? I had the worst luck and dropped my 800 while moving it. 😪 This is an awesome topic btw. Thanks, Mike
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