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  1. I saw the video and Curt did a great job of showcasing the Atari models and some of the design decisions that went into the models.
  2. Hi everyone, There is a new game called World War Z that was released on April 16, 2019. It is very similar in play style to the Left 4 Dead series with progression for character types and weapons. The game costs about $40 and has been released for the the PS4, Xbox and the PC (although currently the PC version is only available on the Epic store and will later be released on Steam). I thought I would do a play through of one of the missions so that people can see the game and determine if you want to consider purchasing the game. Here are the links to the videos that I did on the game. I hope you enjoy them. Please leave a comment and let me know if you enjoyed the videos
  3. I remember back when I was living in a small town in New Jersey called Union City, I used to log into a BBS with the letters EBBS which was for East Brunswick Bulletin Board Systems. By any chance, is the person or persons involved with EBBS part of Atariage? EBBS had some really fun games back in the day.
  4. The game were not particularly erotic. You would have to have a really low threshold if the game content aroused in any way. The games themselves were just ok and somewhat silly. I remember one of the news channels in my area had a spot on for both the nature of the game as well as a protest from Native Americans who did not like Custers Revenge since it was supposed to be promoting him raping a nude female American Indian. I wonder if I had been serious about getting the game back in the day if it would have been difficult to obtain.
  5. Yes except remember that you need to leave the device on the whole time. I am not sure if there is an issue with the Atari 2600 burning out if you were to play where it takes up to 10 hours to move. One thing that I would have included in that setting would be to able to tell the system to just play the best move that it found during that time. This way I might just allow it to spend a set amount of time such as say 30 minutes to find its best move and then proceed from that point.
  6. I pretty much did the same thing as I was playing. The vertical blinds of the chess pieces makes it harder to me to determine what everything is so I use a real chess board and play the moves on the physical board as opposed to the virtual board of the game.
  7. Ok. The wikipedia made it seem like the machine lost track of where everything was and then moved pieces on its own. I play the game on my PS4 so I don't think I would want to play at either setting on the PS4 since it would take too long for it to move and I don't think there is a way to tell the PS4 to go into a mode where it simulates the time as those the real time had passed.
  8. I wonder if someone has played an entire game this way. Even by a factor of 10, I would still mean possibly one hour for a move at level 7. The other issue is what happens if you encounter the bug where it moves pieces on its own? I would probably consider level 6 speeded up by a factor of 10 since this would make it less than a minute to a move.
  9. According to the Wikipedia article on Video Chess, there is a bug with levels 6 and 7 (the two highest levels) where it seems to lose track of the position and in essence, moves pieces on its own. I am not sure how many people would consider playing at those levels. Level 6 could take as much as 12 minutes to decide on what move to make while level 7 could take as long as 10 hours for a move. Would you want to play a game where you have to leave your device on for 10 hours just to see it move?
  10. Hi everyone, Here is my second video against the Atari VCS Video Chess that is part of the Atari Flashback Volume 2 series on my Sony PS4. Again, I broke it down into 2 parts. The links are: Part one: Conclusion to the game: I hope that you enjoy the game
  11. It is considered to be an urban legend. I am sure that the box probably did include a chess figure but I don't think someone sued Atari to claim false advertising. Glad that everyone is enjoying the video since while I know everyone on this board is fans of Atari, I was not sure about the game of chess since not everyone plays the game. I just finished playing a second game but this time at skill level 1 so I will be posting the links to that came in a separate message.
  12. Hi everyone, I did a video of myself playing the Atari 2600 Video chess game that is part of the Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2. Here is link to the first part of the game: The conclusion to the game is located here: Please review the videos and let me know about what you think. I plan to go up the levels and see how high a level I can play against. Looking forward to getting some feedback on the videos and enjoy
  13. Hi everyone, I am selling Monster Hunter World for the PS4. I got the game and played it a bit but did not like it and never got around to returning it. So I rather just sell it to a person rather than get $8 for it from GameStop. If you are interested in buying the game, the link for the auction is located at: http://ebay.us/PtMcDj Thanks for taking the time to look at my auction.
  14. Ok here is the video that I have so far. I would like a critique on the style and not the game play since I am not good at this game yet. I have only been playing for a week.
  15. Hi everyone, I am hoping that someone can answer this question. I made a video on YouTube of myself playing the game Fortnite Battle Royale. I am wondering if it is ok to post the link to the video or is that considered to be spamming and thus discouraged? Does anyone know the answer to that question? Thanks in advance.
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