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  1. Just making sure I wasn't missing something.
  2. Is there a way to format the disk image with RespeQT or do I need to do that from my 800? I want to create a disk image and add some basic programs to it that I have on my PC. I see that the disk properties window has a dropdown menu for the filesystem but not sure why as it doesn't seem to do anything if I change it. Would it be used for the folder option?
  3. @drac030 What are some other diagnostic carts? Also, do cold solder joints ever plague these machines? I know they can be a problem with radios from the same era. Trooper, I would definitely open up the ROM case and try to apply some pressure on the chips and chip sockets. It only takes one bad connection to make things go haywire. I don't know if bad solder joints are a problem with the 8-bits, but it is a possibility. Plenty of documentation on the web on what to look for and how to fix. Search for "cold solder joint"
  4. OK, cool. I didn't realize that I could switch disks on the fly but it makes sense. I did not own an Atari computer until year or so ago and have never really used the machines before that. I will create a few disks ( I see how to do that now ) and play around with it. Thanks DrVenkman
  5. I have played around with RespeQT a bit and have gotten it to work, booted into a few games and demos (atr files), and booted into TurboBasic. It works great. I'm wondering how I would use drives 2 through 8 ( or more ). Can I make a blank virtual disk and save some basic programs to it? If so, how? I have read the manual but it doesn't make it apparent. Is this similar to the folder option? Now that I think about it, it probably is. Can someone give me a scenario where one might use all the drives? Thanks
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