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  1. Ooooh ... an update! https://www.polymega.com/2019/12/08/polymega-winter-production-update-arrives/
  2. A lot of folks just don't want to be "noticed". Between NDAs (old or new), or just plain burn-out from working on games for years, it can take some time for the old love to rekindle (if ever). Nice! Us old-folk do tend to stay in touch and share a pint occasionally (a cuppa ... WTF!), even after all of these years. I only met John once-or-twice in the late 80's, and have no great connection. As for the Atari Green Beret, that was one of the old Ocean/Imagine out-of-house contracts. The Atari didn't have enough market-share at the time that Ocean/Imagine would put any in-house staff on that project ... that was still Ocean 1st-Generation (Martin Galway, Dave Collier, Paul Owens, Joffa Smith, Mike Webb, etc), just before the 2nd-Generation crew were hired. IIRC, the last time that Ocean did an Atari game in-house was when Colin had finished the C64 version of "Head Over Heels", and some naive Atari-fan suggested that it would be a quick port (i.e. easy-money) to do an Atari 8-bit version, and then lent the company his Atari 800. From what I remember, Colin had less than a month to finish it, when he'd never owned/used an Atari before ... which is why it doesn't excactly take a lot of advantage of the Atari's capabilities.
  3. I'll PM you, and see if we can find a compatible definition of "reasonable".
  4. My board arrived yesterday, and I was another was of those lucky folks that have the JTAG connector installed on the board. Now I've just got to find a reasonably-priced Atari 800 to put it into!
  5. With apologies to William Goldman (and Mandy Patinkin) ... "Soon"? They keep using that word. I do not think it means what they think it means. 🤔
  6. Ooooh ... that might be tempting, whenever you're ready! I also got the shipping email for my one Incognito order ... but I don't currently own an Atari 800 yet (since I foolishly sold my original one back in the 1990s), and I'm not confident of my soldering skills anymore.
  7. I've got to say that this was my experience, too, and I was very happy with the purchase. 🙂 Sure, I was careful to list everything that I wanted with Quantity, Price, Part Number and Description, just to make things as-easy-as-possible, but the whole experience was very positive ... and now my 1200XL keyboard works, and I'm running it with the bug-fixed 1200XL Rev-B OS.
  8. My understanding (and I could be wrong) is that PolyMega licensed a couple of the same "emulation-cores" that are used in Mednafen, such as Rypheca's personally-written Saturn emulation (which she is free to license however she wishes). The resulting PolyMega Saturn emulation will undoubtedly contain some PolyMega-proprietary interfaces and code that will never be ported back to Mednafen ... but it seems unbelievably unlikely that any of the actually-important bug fixes in the shared-core of the Saturn emulation won't make it back into Mednafen. There is just no reason to believe that Rypheca would ever agree to terms like those. She has the power in this business relationship-of-convenience, and PolyMega needs her Saturn emulator (to provide a selling-point for their silly console) far more than she needs their money and promises. She has put too much work into creating Mednafen for her to hamstring it in order to appease this team of barely-competent would-be-entrepreneurs. I think that the best indication of whether there is continuing improvement in Mednafen's Saturn emulation, is to just look at the bug log on Mednafen's forum. Sorry, but you can't just argue both sides of the argument in that way. How can someone "just get the version that works best" and simultaneously "don't care about versions and this and that and who's using what emulator"? If you're going to use an emulator, then it is important to know which basic emulator you're using ... their quality-level, bugs and support are not identical, especially when it comes to "cutting-edge" emulation like the Saturn. That is not because the Saturn is an amazingly-powerful machine, it's more because the Saturn is a terrible design of multiple thrown-together bits of hardware with lots of undocumented and unpredictable interactions with each-other, that various games relied upon either explicitly, or by accident (i.e. a bug). It's the same with FPGA cores ... sure, they offer the prospect of much more faithful recreations of the actual processing in the original consoles, together with low-power usage, but an FPGA-based recreation isn't magic, it is still a piece of software that is the product of a person/team of humans. I personally trust the quality of kevtris's work and his fanatical attention-to-detail, far more than I trust the people who are developing the MiST/MiSTer cores. In the same way, I trust Mednafen's software-emulation of some of its supported consoles (but not all), more than I trust other projects.
  9. Of course ... instead of waiting for @polymegaHQ to come up with some random list of BS and flim-flam, PolyMega's customers could just go on over to the Mednafen forum and read the current bug list for the Saturn emulator that PolyMega uses ... which was updated 3 days ago. Then they could wonder why-on-earth they paid PolyMega hundreds of dollars for the same Saturn emulator that is used in the free RetroArch.
  10. OK, thanks, I didn't realize that.
  11. The computer SALT and Super SALT carts are still available new from BEST Electronics ... they're not particularly expensive.
  12. Thanks, yes I read that thread recently. I don't want to keep on polluting this thread with digressions, so I'll start up a new thread to talk about this stuff.
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