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  1. This has to be some cleverly planned social experiment. It just has to be.
  2. The picture was pinched off Asteroids. The logo I made to look stupidly 80s.
  3. I made this just because I'm excited how this might open new avenues for homebrewers to get their games out there. And I had nothing better to do.
  4. 3D printed cart cases could be used perhaps. We used a 3D printed CD case for Atlantean on the PCE/TG16 so extending that to small carts that hold an SD card could work, depending on how much space there is when inserted.
  5. I'd personally be happy with an 8-bit version and a 16-bit version sold separately if it brings the costs down. It would be great if it was sold with a certain amount of focus on appealing to homebrew developers. Edit: I'd like to add a question. I know very little about the technical side of things, but could this be made with modes that allow increased sprites/less flicker, turbo (speed) modes and other (optional) hardware 'fixes'? Or is it a case of 'it works how it works' for accuracy?
  6. I like this idea and a lot of the suggestions here. I think the best approach would be to treat this as a hobbyist machine for individuals or small teams of homebrew developers who just want to tinker with something new for fun - as long as there are suitable dev tools and it is easy to code for. I do art for Aetherbyte and coding for the PC Engine is painful and long winded. I can see why a part of the retro community wouldn't care about this - there are many for whom the 'retro' style is not enough if it doesn't come with the specific emotional attachment of the console they grew up with. But for some of us, it's a great 'what if...' scenario. Like 'What if <insert machine name here> had larger sprites/more sprites/a faster CPU etc while maintaining the visual aesthetic of the era, and being modern-day friendly with HDMI and downloadable games.' That kind of thing appeals to me more so than a lot of 'modern-retro' that has big pixels, thousands of colours and throws on visual effects that you could have never dreamed of back in the 80s. I guess the hardest thing is knowing exactly where the sweet spot is, and this would vary wildly from person to person. Do you go for NES? SMS? VCS? PCE? It's quite a wide range and hitting it right would be important.
  7. Sorry, I misposted this in the wrong thread because I'm a bit dim!
  8. This thread seems to be weighted heavily in terms of just a clone system for playing ROMs but I'd be much more interested in this suggestion that kevtris floated: This would be especially great if there was a universal palette for sprites & backgrounds, or perhaps one palette for each. I do a lot of art for the PCE/TG16 and sorting palettes is just one of those headaches that makes development more painful than it should be. If there was a new console that was somewhere between the NES and PCE in terms of resolution and colours, but had the extra bells and whistles mentioned and was easy to code for, I would be very interested (much more so than just a clone machine). Maybe it could have several 'modes' so that game devs could release a game for (for example) 'Mode 1' which would look like early 8-bit consoles or 'Mode 2' which looks more like the later 8-bits. Stick a SID chip in there and you can take all my money.
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