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  1. Isn't SD2SNES free and open source? It's not illegal to clone it as far as I know. But if you're buying it, for such a small difference in price, you might as well support the people who developed it. I am guessing Krikkz does give Ikari a cut? It'sinda complicated. I did buy a unit on ebay, that I though was manufactured by Krikzz, but then as I got more information about the product I discovered it actually is a china manufactured one. It does work perfect so far. I did test the superFX firmware and it was all good. I mean, if you live in the USA, just get it from SAG. Do you really need to save 25 bucks on this?
  2. Really cool topic. Thanks guys for all the infos. I didn't know a lot of this. Does anyone know wether the two directional knobs on the Cassete Vision were 8 direction stics, rotary, or what? I didn't really clearly see this information written anywhere I searched. They kinda look like rotary buttons, but they could actually be just about anything. just from the look of them.
  3. I am very glad to hear that. Have fun Kev. And rest a bit too.
  4. This is kinda sad, but there really isn't a middle of the road product. It's a known issue too. Either you go for a Super Retro Trio that will have lag, sound issues, Color palette issues and low quality video output, or ou go withh the AVS. There's basically nothing else out there. Theoretically Analogue could make an NES clone that costs less than the AVS, since their SNT uses higher end stuff and costs about the same. I ny dreams I want to recommend you to just buy a Super NT and forget about the everdrive, but you don't live in my dreams, so yeah... Seriously. Instead of getting any of these crap clones to use with an everdrive you should get a raspberry pi. I am not saying the pi is the be all end all of NES gaming. I'm just saying it's still less crap than these NOaC crap consoles out there.
  5. Do you want to plug through HDMI? If so, the retro USB is the cheapest option that's not crap. These other clones are upscaling composite with questionable palettes, lack of scaling options, bad sound, etc.. On top of that, all modern clones I know of in the market are reported not to work with the Everdrive. You know, cause they're all crap...
  6. What an achievement. It's already reached the "At least it's better than the Coleco Chameleon" status. Well done. BUT are those cart slots any better than the retro VGS though? Were those actually shown to work in any capacity? TBH, now they've admitted this thing won't even run flash carts, is anyone still interested? It's just a more expensive retron 5. Did anyone really want that?
  7. So much for hybrid emulation. If it was accurate emulation using the cart slot anything that runs on the original would run on the polymega. But you need to be really gullyble to have believed this people were actually going to do it. Now they're switching this creap into an ouya? Seriously? Now I am just waiting for them to go in indiegogo asking for money. It's the last step they need. But hey, they might just release it traight up. But if someone actually invested 500k dollars into this crap, I pitty whoever did it. this thing isn't doing 500k back. Even with all the morons out there ready to buy any crap gimmick, this retarded brother of the Retron 5 isn't going to go far.
  8. I just hope Kevtris is doing well. Otherwise, whatever reason for the silence is, I don't really care.
  9. Who cares how many there are? There are like half a dozen worth watching. I mean, to me this sounds a bit like that entire "you're complaining about a traffic jam, buy you are the traffic jam." situation..
  10. Every 100 years Dracula's castle reappears. Every 3 years this topic shall raise from it's grave and remind us how great the series is. See you guys in 2011.
  11. Well, I guess it's understandable people would disagree on what the most important aspect of the system is. To me playing with actual arcade controllers is more important than accuracy. I basically can't play fighting games without a stick. Nor do I want to. I'd rather have an arcade stick, and colors that are off, and weird sound, and maybe a couple visual glitches, than having to play with a pad. But I'm not claiming my taste is better than anyone else's. That's just how I feel.
  12. This thing has a 3,5 inch screen. The unit is minuscule. I definitely don't want to play any games on such a tiny toy-like unit. But obviously, anyone who buys this will have to pay for the controlls, built in screen ans speakers, and also live with the form factor, that could be cool for some, but also a total hassle for others. Best case scenario, this is going to be a decent, yet expensive and clunky way to play some Neo Geo games. Worse case scenario this is going to be utter trash. I'll be honest. I really just crapped on this with no explanation, because I thought it was obvious how stupid this is. But hey, I did say in my original post, some people like these cool looking collectible toys. This one is pretty good at that. I mean, the Japanese version is cool looking.Tthe western version fails at even that. How can one not be disappointed? Now as far as controllers go, first, there was nothing announced in that sense, and second, it's going to look pretty stupid, having controller cords comming out of an arcade cabinet. But fit yourself. I guess anyone who disagrees with you is a stupid, childish asshole. That's a very mature way of seeing the world.
  13. What a damned joke. I wouldn't buy this crap for 50 bucks, and yet, for some reason I doubt it's going to be this cheap. Clearly this is targeting people who are looking for a shiny collectible over people who want to play Neo Geo games. To each their own I guess. The japanese model is at least a Replica of a cabinet they used to have. What is the western version? Some stylized representation of a middle finger?
  14. Well, there is a possibility we might get some awesome stuff we don't even need to pay for. Wouldn't be the first time. But logic says some payed stuff should also be comming too.
  15. Oh, So Kevtris said the Polymega is fine? Where do I pre-order? Fllojomojo, thans for the heads up. I missed that. Wait. Are they claiming to be the first HD modular retro game console? The Retro Freak already did that, didn't they? I mean, they only have 2 possible modules out, but it's still a modular design.
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