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  1. I didn't know this thread was still getting replies and votes. I'll try to update soon.
  2. A few days ago I searched a Lynx game (don't remember which) on Ebay, and was surprised to see it so high priced. I did a "sold items" search, and games are starting to get expensive! Loose California Games and Todd's Adventures in Slime World have been sold for more than 10€ I remember when you could get a 5 game pack of common games for those 10€, and you can barely get one of them now for that price. Has the price bubble finally arrived to our beloved Lynx?
  3. Homebrew and Supercharger votes were to be counted on separate lists, but people kept mixing them so that's the reason they weren't counted anymore.
  4. Does that mean we can't preorder it anymore? Weren't preorders to be closed tomorrow?
  5. Miss 2600, you are doing a fantastic work updating the list! btw, I just realized that in 2 weeks this thread will be 10 years old!
  6. California Games: The essential summer game. Four highly playable events that are easy to learn, but hard to master (half-pipe being hard to learn too), and take you back to the times when getting high scores was all you needed to do. Great graphics and sound too. Todd's Adventures in Slime World: The depth hidden in this game is astonishing. 6 different and huge worlds littered with fun items to use and lots of secrets and passages to find. Each one of the worlds is different (one is timed, another one makes you use your wits as your weapon doesn't work), and you can play them with up to eight players (or six, don't remember). The gameplay is highly original and predates Super Metroid by 3 years, on a hand-held no less! It even has an in-game manual, and the paper manual included is written as a lost journal from an space explorer. I really love this game and is amazing it got released in 1990. Chip's Challenge: 144 stages to prove your skills and intelligence at puzzle games. And it can be played just with the d-pad! If being restricted to three games, those would be my choices for some variety, but I could list 10 more. In fact, about 80% of the Lynx library ranges from decent to great. For an added bonus, here''s some more -Shanghai (Puzzle) -Blue Lighting (Like Afterburner but deeper) -Scrapyrd Dog (Platformer) -Roadblasters (Arcade)
  7. I have one and I play with the USA-released library of games. The biggest con is that it only outputs 50Hz, but the biggest advantage it has is that it comes with SCART right out of the box without the need of buying a Turbo Booster. I'd say it's worth it getting one. Also, the pack-in game was Blazing Lazers instead of Keith Courage, and in some variations, I think other games like Alien crush are included. It's far from useless, really, I use it all the time.
  8. I started doing an entire map and had a bit more than half of the levels, but I stopped. Maybe someday I'll continue.
  9. Played all the way through the end in the Easy difficulty level. Didn't use a pattern, just chose whatever Gate pleased me at the moment.
  10. It's not that I'm actively trying to find them, but there are some games that surprised me with its rarity. Maybe I should try the marketplace, but I'm a bit worried because the community is very big and I might get scammed as there are no votes system. Thanks but I already got all of the games I wanted from them (when they were much cheaper)
  11. There's always a good supply of Lynx carts on Ebay for whatever game you want. Telegames releases have always been rare, but I'm having trouble finding some other games complete. Ninja Gaiden (which I got in a good deal a week ago), Super Asteroids/Missile Command, Rampage, Block Out and Pac-Land are some examples. Are the supplies finally dying out?
  12. I almost miss this one! I was playing yesterday but didn't do too well. I've always gotten to the fourth level or so, and the farthest I've gotten is the third Ice world level with warps. But today I've discovered you can buy more than one shield in shops! That is almost like a new life each (moreso if we think you don't lose the remaining shields even if you die). Result? I've finally beaten the game! I really like this game and it is surely one of the best platformers in a handheld I've tried. Even though it recycles a lot of graphic tiles, it uses it magnificiently to create lots of levels that seem different from each one. The hundreds of secrets hidden throughout the stages add a lot of replay value, and the graphics are music are nice enough. The only thing I'm not too fond is the control, and specially that it is not always clear where you can and can't step on, and that leads to many deaths. But still, a very, very good game. And this is my dog. Isn't it cute?
  13. I started collecting Lynx games back in 2007. Nothing serious, just some boxed games, some loose ones... Fast forward to 2012, and I have the chance to buy quite a few sealed games (26) at a good price, so I purchase them. Having a third of the officialy released Lynx library sealed, I consider the idea of getting all of them sealed. But, my bugdet is not as big as I'd want, and I'd have to dedicate it entirely to getting sealed Lynx games (Lemmings? Desert Strike? Double Dragon? Xenophobe? Ninja Gaiden? Good luck with them), with the disadvantadge of not being able to play them. On the other hand, a Lynx sealed collection looks SO cool, and it might be valuable in a future as sealed games are less available as time passes. What would you do?
  14. Didn't remember I had the HS in this game! Congratulations PFG 9000, I'll have to try hard to beat you.
  15. Goodbye to Konsolenkost's good prices... They have gone up A LOT.
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