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  1. Seems to me that Mike Kennedy really is 'patient zero' for an unknown Idiot Virus. Looks to be super contagious too, damn. I hope Al invests in a hazmat suit and gears up before touching that Jaguar tooling. Get your sani-wipes ready ~
  2. Emulate and get a http://www.bliss-box.net/Bliss-Box/- all your problems solved. Works quite lovely with my Rpi2
  3. Finally got around to playing UPP! for 2600, really fantastic game.

    1. Ransom


      Someone made a videogame about Universal Procedure Pointers? Thank god!

  4. Strato Gems Deluxe is just amazing. I'm so addicted to this game.

  5. InnovaX5

    Lynx Multi Cart

    I'm interested in one too
  6. I still don't understand the pci card under the jag shell. Why not have used a 32X? I mean we were already expecting 32X cables to be used from the RVGS campaign...
  7. So, Parrothead, now that your plate is pretty cleared off. Will you please answer my email on where my Translucent Red Jaguar shell is?
  8. Or maybe he's on vacation - on an island sipping margaritas? Maybe he had a Disney Land vacation booked for the launch of his kickstarter and he's living it up with Mickey Mouse. Maybe he doesn't care about any of this and has moved on to planning his next business endeavor. Retro Television maybe? Family Matters reboot produced by Retro Television Company Inc? Maybe he'll become a Retro music label, like Rhino? I doubt we'll hear anything from him again at this point. The Coleco Chameleon page will be slowly deleted and Mike will ride his magical cartridge back to Retro Land.
  9. Well, I'd say its time for me to turn this saga into an RPG Maker game. Maybe I'll finish before the next name of the Chameleon is announced.
  10. I never understood Gamester81's rally for a new cartridge based system or the claims that it was the first one in 20 years. He himself covered a small handful of chinese knock offs that came out over the years on his own channel. Did he not consider the Xavix Port a cartridge console? The Chintendo Vii not worthy of the title? Both took propriety cartridges. To say that he was was a victim in all of this like Eli is absurd. The hour long Lester / Kennedy love fest was sickening at best and misleading information to his fans at worst. This all being said, I feel like the Coleco Chameleon would already be in our hands had it been a Chinese produced knock off that we managed to import out of curiosity. Seems like the market that Mike wanted fits more for the "BIRC" or whatever market that Carlsen's small Playstation was for. He just needed his pricing to be a little bit lower...but it was all about money. Maybe the legendary Mr. Lee will fly off to China with the prototype he most definitely made and totally exists and mass produce the 'Ultra Lee 16' console without the need for Mr. Kennedy.
  11. I'm well aware that Coleco is a brand. I'd like to see the brand branch out and do more with other companies like AtGames. There are mini-cabs out right now, as we speak, with LCD screens and RPis in them. Apple made an Ipad / phone arcade case for their products. I'd like to see the coleco name BRANDED on new products that aren't garbage. I'd like to see them actually use the name on good products and not crap like Commodore and Kodak have experienced.
  12. This, right here, is fantastic. I don't think any of us here ever wanted to see the Coleco name go the way of other revived brands. It is a huge step in the right direction that these 'higher ups' of the company are listening to the community. I think majority, myself included, would love to see the Coleco table top arcades come back in some form. I'd like to see Coleco think about doing their own controllers that work with both the at-games clone and the original console. I would love to see them bring the hulking beast of the Colecovision back to the media by maybe making a certain add-on an official licensed product. All these revived brands seem to focus on making cheap knock offs of their legacy counter parts, why not give the legacy some love for once?
  13. Well man, I can add you to the list of awesome stuff that I've found from this RVGS/CC Saga. Awesome little podcast, I really enjoyed the Chris Cardillo interview. Thanks for staying Switzerland through all of this.
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