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  1. I wish you guys would cut Mike Kennedy some slack until the console is verified.
  2. We have a few local stores here in South Carolina. I just picked up a retron 3 for $65. Does anyone have suggestions for some good games to introduce my 4 year old to? We already play Streets of Rage with our 9 year old.
  3. More sour grapes about Mike and his successful businesses. Call 911 we need a waaambulance
  4. I always wanted one of these!
  5. Ha ha soooo funny Socal Mike and the Raiders of the Lost Molds Socal Mike and the Temple of RETRO Socal Mike and the no need for Last Kickstarter Socal Mike Kingdom of the Crystal Case and then... Socal Mike Swimming in a Lake of Money Just wait and see. Hopefully when everything is properly vetted, you guys will change your tunes and support this awesome product and the games on the system and give it a fair shake.
  6. Blah Blah Blah... Coleco License, Gamester, Pico, Atariage negative press... Ask yourself this... does any of this matter one bit if Mike Kennedy already has a signed purchase order for over $2M from Toys 'R Us? ~
  7. Microsoft will only exit by selling the division off to someone else. Nintendo is more likely to fold the Hardware business as most of it's value is in it's IP.
  8. Sounds just like another MK hater to me. Just wait until it's revealed. What everyone here fails to realize is that Daniel Kayser and David Giltian SAW the working FPGA board. Did you ever think maybe the DVR was just a clever marketing smoke-screen? Like I said, just wait and see, this console is a movement.
  9. My hubby is looking for lights for a 4-slot. If you come across any - let us know!
  10. Why is it no one slammed Xbox when they added DVR to their xbox one? Just wait until the Chameleon comes out - then you can pass judgement.
  11. Mike will release a working console and put all you haters to shame. Have you thought just maybe HE INTENTIONALLY ADDED DVR FUNCTIONALITY to the Chameleon, hence "Making it better", DUH!
  12. The only name that matters in Retro Gaming Journalism. He is the co-host of the wildly successful talk retro podcast, and reviewer of RETRO magazine. Inside tip is that this is being privately funded, so no need for Kickstarter nonsense. Hate on haters! If you want one you will have to line up like everyone else on Black Friday... Good luck getting one when this is the hottest thing in gaming this year!
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