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  1. That's exactly my point. Computer cores are only possible if Kevris provides those inputs to the "developer cores" and documents it. Totally doable, but I'm waiting for some official details on developer stuff for the Pocket before assuming it is there (because its not needed by the Pocket per se).
  2. It is not about whether it's possible or not (it is) but rather if the Analogue propietary stack will pass through keyboard (and mouse) events to the FPGA. Not that it's hard to do, but Kevtris would have to add that specifically and it is not really needed for any console. Maybe he already did it, but unless we see details we can't just assume.
  3. That is a bit the M.O. though. He never said the Super NT would support more cores but a lot of people got hyped about that possibility and they certainly didn't deny anything. That said, technically it is an interesting move and a change in design from the previous model where the systems were completely closed. The Genesis ans SNES cores from MiST would fit, in principle. I don't get the feeling this will support computers. It could be done with an on-screen keyboard, but it seems like a bunch of extra work when the main goal is just playing games. We shall see...
  4. If you want to use it on a modern TV, you can consider the Retro AVS and use HDMI. It also works with the FDS adapter and FDSStick. Downside is that it is limited to 720p and ghe cart door is really not pretty when using FC games.
  5. They have not yet released any details on developer options for the Pocket. Until then, it just feels like a marketing ploy to hint that all MiSTer could run on it when that is not true. Taber is basically trying to hype it up using promises that can be denied. Sure, you can say that is his job as marketing guy, but it's a bit in bad taste. We can't know what is actually doable until more details surface. Taber seemingly got the specs wrong, which kind of shows building a dev community is not his priority. That does not mean the hardware is without merit, and Kevtris very probably did his homework to make it attractive to other developers. The most likely, from what I could glean, is that some open cores could be ported and loaded by users. That does make the JB obsolete to some extent Exactly what can be done remains to be seen, but my personal impression is that it could potentially run MiST cores (the older board) and have room for spare. Probably most 8 bit consoles would fit. But also bear in mind the DE10 is not dumped by Terasic - it is sold at cost, which isn't the same (and more sustainable). And for a developer the DE10 is a much more attractive option than a product made by a smaller corporation that is known to run out of stock. To be honest, even Analogue claim themselves that the Pocket is limited in quantities; meanwhile the DE10 is sold to students in universities worldwide. I'd encourage all not to fall for hype and not dwell into negativity. No, open source authors do not owe anybody a port or free cores. So please don't pester them. But yes it is true that porting something over is less work and hobby/novice developers could do it. Also, as long as the code is open all these cores can be ported both ways. I'd be concerned if Analogue starts doing things to prevent that (ie. if its one way due to some terms of use or propietary item for protectionism) but details on the developer features will make that clearer. I would hope they just go "here's how you do it, do whatever you want" and have a clause that its not their problem what people do with it.
  6. Not really, I can see the JB being a way to allow the built in cores to be a little more flexible.
  7. Analogue channel in the Retro Gaming Discord
  8. It looks like that is a mix-up. Kevtris stated the FPGA open for devs is the Cyclone V, which frankly makes more sense. The Cyclone 10 is probably smaller and used for the scaler and other admin tasks (e.g. load cores and maybe ROMs from SD card). But yes, there are both a Cyclone V and Cyclone 10 in there.
  9. The vertical layout of the DMG is more iconic than the GBA horizontal layout. It makes sense they went for that.
  10. Have you tried the updater script? That makes it even simpler to upgrade cores.
  11. That's a great setup! I got myself a couple of mechanical keyboards so I get close to old school ones. There are options to run original keyboards over USB, but it gets stupid expensive very fast.
  12. There was a video as to how the world champion of a F1 videogane was given a free trial to drive a real F1 car on a real track. He was technically good... but he had serious trouble with the physical demands of it, stopping a few times to throw up. He did continue and loved it. Video concluded that he is now part if a racing club for regular practice, but he is nowhere close to be able to compare to real F1 champions (and he does not seek that either) If anything e-sports are sports of the mind, but not the body. Watching it is bit more like watching Jeopardy, perhaps.
  13. I personally find it much more straightforward to setup and maintain my two MiSTers than setting up an RPi or hack consoles for emulation. I would say it is as complex (or easy) to setup as an Everdrive, with added SFTP capabilities to transfer files.
  14. I am sorry for your loss and I hope you are okay now. Sadly it's too easy to get convinced by a SO that we don't need "that kiddie stuff' for them to buy whatever crap they want instead. Personally I would go only for stuff that you have memories for and would actually like to display on a shelf. I'd also explore FPGA alternatives to systems since it would allow you to use regular HDMI displays without upscalers.
  15. I finished Lost Levels on the SNES bitd, and it was fun once. Not sure we missed much.
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