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  1. Apple II says hi 😄 I didn't even get a PS4... the games I wanted to play released on Steam, so that's good enough for me...
  2. I'm surprised nobody mentioned yet what happens to Yoshi in SMW, or to Typha in FFVII 😄 Joke aside, not so much a scar but a nice surprise, was when I beat Karateka for the nth time to show a cousin, and I go "so check this out, now the chick will kill me in one shot"... but I ran to her instead, so we got the true good ending (which I didnt expect).
  3. Have you ever tried any of the Harvest Moon games? I recently played Deiland on PC (it was free on Steam) and it's quite a nice mindless time waster. Has enough complexity to keep me active, but not so much that I have to think too hard about it. Also, if you like Castlevania SotN, definitely check out the Castlevania games for GBA and Nintendo DS.
  4. Shame that it uses original CPUs and PPUs, but it is a step in the right direction to preserve the hardware and restore original machines.
  5. We already are in Cloud land for distributing games, but streaming games via video seems like a bad idea. Steam Link at home with a wired connection is barely enough.
  6. If those leaks are anything to go by, we are seeing consoles becoming what computers were a few years ago...
  7. There is also Fire Emblem and Fire Emblem Gaiden, both have been fan translated.
  8. It's dicey to bet on a non-existing homebrew community. What incentive do people have to code for this and not a PC?
  9. I played some text adventure games with my mom on Apple II. I greatly enjoyed it; it's a shame she or my dad never got interested in anything else.
  10. Who here has Nintendo hanafuda cards? 😀 I only have some Mario themed poker cards...
  11. I'm all for using original hardware but practicality wins. It's important to interface your old computers with modern hardware and e.g. know how to transfer files back and forth a modern PC. One thing I would like to see more is old-school keyboards for USB, so we can use computers emulators / FPGAs with original keyboards. (it's possible right now but one needs to cannibalize an old computer for it)
  12. Generations are just a convenient way to classify consoles to specific an era, and of course the fit is not perfect. I think there is room to place some consoles between generations, as in, above of the previous offerings but not quite to the next level. That may be also relevant nowadays given the latest gen (8th?) doesn't really innovate over the years except going further towards PC-type specs. So for example: Coleco, 5200, and SG-100 = Gen 2.5 (not quite NES level but above the 2600) PCE/TG16 = Gen 3.5 (given it's an 8-bit to 16-bit hybrid) 32X = Gen 4.5 Wii U could be Gen 7.5 if we consider the Switch to be still in the 8th gen Just my 2 cents. I just feel these points cause debate but we could come up with something we can agree on.
  13. Atari undoubtedly had the first trials with "mappers", since it's a good way to expand capabilities of the console. But if you are to compare the top 20 Atari 2600 games vs. the top 20 NES games, it would clearly show a generation gap. That said, I'd consider the Atari 7800 to be in the same class as the NES given it's built-in specs. The SG-1000 would arguably be in 2nd gen along with Coleco, in that case. They are both advanced systems, but I wouldn't put them in gen 3 given the gap between those and the NES and SMS.
  14. Too long for dumb Americans to read? 😁 (I'm only half-joking, there's all kinds of changes done in videogames to cater for "that's what the 'muricans would like" that feel stupid or downright condescending)
  15. You're right. Ironically though, "beat them all" is quite an accurate description of brawling games. I suppose the big difference is the depth of moves. A one-of-one fighter usually has much more moves per characters and deeper strategy, whereas the brawler pits you against many enemies at once. I suppose that facing 2 or more enemies makes complex moves difficult (as you are likely to be hit more) so there is no point in making your moveset too fancy. I can see that in some modern games than try it, but you often end up spamming the same attack except against some bosses. Thinking of Sleeping Dogs for example. Aggressors of Dark Combat (gangan) seems like a mixed breed between one-on-one fighting and beat-them-ups, since you can walk around the arena in 8 directions, but it feels a bit weird.
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