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  1. For bigger ROMs, you can also use external USB storage or a shared network drive. File transfer can be done via SFTP or Samba share so it's easy to manage your library from your PC. I personally use Filezilla (note: use binary transfer mode).
  2. To be fair, before DLC there were expansion packs and shareware titles as examples of (often paid) extra content. It was much more inconvenient than modern DLC, which is usually tied to a marketplace (Steam, PSN, Xbox live, etc.) User-created levels predated Doom, there was (is) user content for ZZT / Zeux for example. They were distributed via BBS or floppies and needed user intervention to install (as opposed to the 1-click downloads of most DLC). MMORPGs are also mostly DLC content (that you pay monthly). Ultima Online from 1997 popularized the genre, but there were earlier examples.
  3. By definition, DLC would require an internet or at least modem connection. From that point of view, Atari's GameLine (1983?), the Sega Channel (late 1994) and the Super Famicom BS-X (1995) would count.
  4. I'm surprised nobody brought up the GBS8200 and the newer variant that outputs HDMI. They are nowhere as good as the Framemeister or OSSC, and needs some minor tweaks to work great. But it is dirt cheap, and I wonder how it compares to Retrotink.
  5. It's the Classic Gaming Discord server, check the Analogue channels from here: https://discord.gg/KfXx2vY Read the welcome text and choose server roles to gain access to the areas you are interested in.
  6. Yes, but that is considerable more work than taking code already adapted for it. The people who pull these shenanigans usually want the least effort possible.
  7. If they do, it will expose them to people creating clones and destroy their niche (i.e. FPGA consoles that take original carts).
  8. I was lucky, my parents got a //e when I was a small kid and it ended up being "my" computer once they upgraded to a Mac SE. I used it for about 10 years before I had another PC of my own (a 486 sx 25) and it is still functional except the FDDs (I have a CFFA instead). This bring me to my earliest coding anecdote... When I was very young I was trying to do some BASIC and I kept getting Syntax Error. I asked my dad what it meant, and he told me I had to enter the command "properly". I came back a bit later saying it didn't work, so he went over to check the computer. I had basically entered the same command, followed by "PLEASE"
  9. I'd only ever use ebay prices as a maximum. If I see local stores charging as much as ebay, I know I should pass.
  10. I see these as just toys... same as the Mini MyArcade units. I would pick one up if I find one in the wild (assuming it has no insame markup), but wouldn't bother to order online for it. Perhaps Sega is thinking that whoever cares about seriously playing the games is already doing so. After all, it's not hard to find a GG emulator with all the portable emulator boxes going around. So they came up with a cute mini toy instead, which happens to be functional. From that perspective it's pretty neat, makes for a nice gift to non-gamers who are aware of the GG but wouldnt invest in one nowadays.
  11. SuperGrafx is supported by the TG16 MiSTer core. X68K is on the way, the one on github is quite old but a Japanese dev has started to update it.
  12. MiSTer devs have (finally) rolled out their own forums: https://misterfpga.org/ (nobody knows what's going on with the old Atari-Forums, but they've been down for a while)
  13. A Japanese developer ported his X68000 and PC-88 cores: http://fpga8801.seesaa.net/ I've tried a test build of the first, it still needs a lot of polishing (sound is very off and many games crash) but it's very exciting to finally get more Japanese computers on MiSTer!
  14. Counting only original releases (i.e. no everdrives / flashcarts)... SuperGrafx: 1 game (Granzort) Sony PSP: 2 games (GT and Castlevania) Wonderswan: 3 games NeoGeo Pocket Color: 3 games 32X: 3 games (Zaxxon, Star wars, Madden) PS2: 3 games (SMT Nocture and 2 others) XBox One: 4 games (got it on a sale but barely used it)
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