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  1. They could just sell the case with internal cabling for an RPi and a prepared SD card. Then offer a little option to assemble it for the clueless.
  2. I never finished the PS3 version... great game though!
  3. It bothers me that it does not handle the controllers. If it did, I could consider it as a standamone cartridge. There must be a way to do it...
  4. This makes me think of JAMMA. One can basically have a system that is only a display, controllers, and power supply, and the rest is handled by whatever plugs into it. I suppose one could build a "micro JAMMA" where carts provide digital and analogue video out, but it seems redundant. The only upside I can see would be compatibility with older arcade cabinets. So that cart of "Super Hombrew Fighter" can run in an arcade and a portable system at minimum effort.
  5. I picture them at E3 trying to get a crowd and failing... because on center stage there is a comeback Mike Kennedy hired by Steam to promote PC gaming and making a killing. That's a movie I'd pay to see.
  6. The inverted castle blew my mind. Especially since I thought I was finishing the game. It didn't feel like backtracking to me, but rather an interesting way to make the game richer. They did change enemies and bosses if I remember correctly. In fact I suspect it may be another map altogether, but they created it by inverting the original one. Not sure. What I mean is that it's not some lazy programming trick, they visibly put effort in it. The only other time I was so pleasantly suprised was Infinite Space. I didnt know from reviews the game was so much longer than it seemed.
  7. Could it be an attempt to sell a fake to the undiscerning?
  8. It looks like one of those Edutainment spinoffs such as Mario Teaches Typing or Mario is Missing
  9. A nice way to use FDS games is with an FDS RAM adapter plus an SD card dongle that replaces the magnetic drive. That will give expansion audio and load faster than a real FDS drive. My personal favorite Famicom games need translations. Digital Devil Monogatari: Megami Tensei (without "Shin) is interesting to try. Final Fantasy III (JP version) has more depth than the first 2. And if you feel masochist you can try the infamous kusoge (lit. "shit game") Takeshi's Challenge, created with Takeshi "Beat" Kitano, an early example of game built with/for celebrities. Thing is aside from the gameplay, the concept/story is pretty crazy as an 8bit game, it feels like a massive trolling from Beat Takeshi.
  10. We can only fantasize that a guy (or lady) at LG or Sony or similar gets promoted, and then it turns out he/she is a huge retro gaming maniac, and so orders production into LCDs that can act like CRTs with a high level of fidelity, those guys from market research be damned...
  11. The GPD Win 1 has an Intel x7 processor, it's the faster version of the x5 used for that board. Granted, the GPD Win costs 10 times more (about 350 bucks) but it does ship with Windows and everything else already.
  12. I used a few European BBS back in the day, and wrote and uploaded a few .txt files on various topics. They must be still around somewhere... I don't remember what editor I used, but it could have just been regular plain DOS edit. Years before that, we had an assignment in elementary school about a pet or animal and we had to write in the style of "Platero y Yo" (a lyric prose novel a out a man and his silver donkey). So I wrote about my Apple II. Teacher liked it so much that my entry ended in the school newspaper.
  13. Yeah because video games are for umwashed geeks who will turn violent after playing that Mortal Battle game. Turns out she blames the divorce on the kid's dad playing Xbox all day, as the man was merely trying to unwind in the weekend after a 60-hour work week. He was exhausted trying to support the lifestyle the stay-at-home mom had become accostumed to, after she refused to get a job to share the load. Famicom guy didn't know it, but he got lucky to avoid a similar fate.
  14. I dug out my GB Boy Colour yesterday to try the Super Mario Land DX mods (1 and 2). It's cheap and the DPad is mushy, but it has a very nice screen. I have an AGS-101 screen modded into an original GBA shell, but I wouldn't bring it everywhere with reckless abandon as I do with the GB Boy...
  15. Mods also always have a risk of breaking due to aging hardware. I have a modded Famicom which I loved, but had to stop using when the PPU chip stopped working. Before FPGAs the clones always had some kind of caveat, and we had to live with it since it was baked in their chip (e.g. many Chinese clones were composite only with no way to mod, unlike an original FC). The AVS (and others) offer a high level of compatibility and enhance the original in significant ways. And for me, since I am not living in the US or UK, I feel less concerned about not having access to people who can repair old hardware (shipping gets expensive).
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