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  1. I can tell you that the hardest US variant to find of these will be Word Fun. I've actually never found an intact copy CIB. I pieced it together finding the cart, manual with overlays, and box all separately to combine them into a CIB copy. If you can find someone here that has a spare US version, that is likely your best bet as it is very hard to identify these on eBay as people don't always post pics of the bottom flap or the manual (which will say US or HK on the cover). Carts are easily identifiable as it either says HONG KONG on the label or nothing at all besides the title. The overlays are all US printed although there is a variant with or without black shadows on the bottom 3 buttons. FOR REFERENCE
  2. I've got two of these if anyone needs a complete copy.
  3. Well I'll be in Vegas for the August 27th preseason game between the Raiders and Cardinals. Not missing the 1st ever game in my new stadium! Feel free to join me if anyone is bored by then. Assuming said game isn't cancelled or Vegas shuts back down again.... Darnnit!
  4. Since a certain viral strain ruined our annual party in Portland, does anyone think staging our own get together would be a good idea? I have no idea how the where and when would work out but I hear Vegas has opened back up... Thoughts?
  5. lol, this is why I chose to never go down the variant rabbit hole. I am glad for those that do though since it's a great way to learn about the history of the system. I'm just willing to let others do the work
  6. Now you're thinking outside of the box!
  7. I would like to see a 3rd party peripheral adapter to play the original titles that cannot be licensed and to get to use the new Amico controller on original games. If that cannot be a thing then that's far from being a deal-breaker for me. I don't want any such notions adding to the development or deployment of the new system or weighing on the production team's minds and taking up valuable time/resources. If a 3rd party doesn't feel the idea is viable then I can live without it. If one is created and sold I'll be one of the 1st to order one. Either way I'm buying at least 2 Amicos, lol
  8. Not a problem. Just re-skin the unit as an "Original Activision System" and sell it to cmart for massive profit 😁
  9. Now I have some new tricks to put in my toolbox
  10. It better not be! Rev, if you DON'T find a way to release Spy Hunter...
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