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  1. Well it's about time! I still don't even have the basic Amico shirt, lol
  2. GREAT! I guess I have to buy this book because I have the game now... 😉
  3. Why? Only total jackasses ever complete the 125. Jerks, the whole lot of em!
  4. *pfft!* As if any of those Atari nerds would scare an 8 bit fly!
  5. I'll sell my Magic Carousel copy for $700. You better get this rare item at this "discount" price while you still can!!!
  6. Mine was sealed when I first got the game about 8 years ago. Cracked it and played the hell out of it for a good bit. Excellent game though not one I'm really great at.
  7. Check my sig, brah! *cough... sorry* I mean, yes I have a copy of World Cup Soccer but not in such a pristine box.
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