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  1. I'm fine with waiting until PRGE actually. Wouldn't mind picking up all 3 titles in person!
  2. All joking aside, I think the easiest way to settle the debate in general is to state the incontrovertible fact that there are 125 original TITLES released for the Intellivision. Well, and also the 8 Keyboard Component titles so... AH CRAP HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!
  3. I believe the current market for a CIB Spiker is between $800-1000 depending on condition. The average one will run in the low $900 range while a close to mint version might break $1200. I'm fairly certain the $799 listing mentioned earlier would have easily sold for at least that much had it been complete (not missing the manual). I honestly don't see the BSR reissue as being much of a factor in the original's value as most collectors will not view them as being on the same level in collection terms, as mr_me has alluded to. Even though the reissue may actually turn out to be more rare in terms of actual existing units, it will not carry the same collectability factor as something rare and also from 30 years ago. The new version simply lacks the history. That said, I'll be buying at least one copy! lol
  4. There is always room for discussion even when you disagree with the topic. Try not to be so closed minded. Even so, I'm not sure why you directed this response to me as I am possibly the first person here to refer to BSR as the legitimate successor to Mattel Electronics. My own opinion is that this new release of Spiker should be considered an official variant of the original so we actually agree here. But not everyone will see it the same as we do, so while you may say "There is no discussion about that" I assure you there very much is and will continue to be. Once again, your collection cannot be defined by anyone but yourself. This also means that YOU cannot define anyone else's collection for them.
  5. I think everyone is making way too much out of this. Your collection cannot be defined by anyone but yourself so the entire argument is moot. The 125 Platinum Club is just a group representing one subset of the hobby. It is not the official standard for anything other than its own membership. Intellivision Inc. games count. Blue Sky Rangers re-issues count. The roms on your LTO Flash count. Hell, Pac-Man counts twice if you want it to! The existence of a club does not make it the standard. Your own personal definition of your collection does.
  6. I read that "Good ol' Tommy T is buying for everyone!!!" for some reason 🤷‍♂️
  7. Hey artrag and Emanuele... La mia matita è lunga e gialla. Sorry, just wanted to join in.
  8. I have long been a proponent of stating only you can define your collection for yourself. So the debate about 125 or 127* can be a fun one but will likely just get out of hand around here and quickly! For myself, the Original 125 will always be the standard for how I define my collection and I doubt that will honestly change for most everyone here. I also acknowledge that Blue Sky Rangers is the IP holder and direct descendant of the Intellivision brand as founded by Mattel, putting them on par with Intellivision, Inc. and INTV Corp. But I don't believe it means anything they produce should automatically change the 125 figure. In my mind it would have have to be a wholly new title, not a re-release or BSR version of an already existing homebrew, before I would consider it a possible #126. That rules out the 3 pending releases currently advertised. From a marketing aspect I think the BSR group would be better served by considering their offerings as working towards building a "NEW 125" and officially define the Original 125 Era as being concluded. Draw a line now and classify their own releases as the New Era addressing the debate in the community (at least from an official standpoint as the IP holder) before any animosity can build up. I think we all know how that discussion will go simply based on previous debates over the 125 figure. This is BSR's chance to settle the issue in a productive way and position themselves as the benevolent stewards of the legacy. The less consternation there is within the community the better business will be for everyone. Regardless, I can't wait to buy all 3 titles and look forward to supporting BSR however they decide to define their offerings!!!
  9. 108 is exactly where I was when I joined the board in 2015. I was stunned that I even made it to 100 games to begin with. Are all 108 complete in box?
  10. I have not but then I only have 1 each of those so I don't have anything to make a comparison with. There very well could be more binding variations for all ECS items.
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