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  1. Full refund issued. Sorry for the post's incompetence.
  2. WHAT THE ACTUAL F&%K?!?!?! I would have driven it up to you myself if I even dreamed something like that was a possibility!!! Yes a full refund will be issued. I'm headed to eBay right now to clear this for you. USELESS POSTAL MORONS!!!!!!
  3. Considering the track record of Elektronite games? Yes. Also, this
  4. I would like to be added for 1 copy as well, thanks!
  5. Intellivision NBA Basketball CIB - For Color TV Viewing Only variation, FCTVVO eBay Auction -- Item Number: 284314261616
  6. Looks like this jerk is back at it again... eBay Auction -- Item Number: 284314261616 Can you believe the nerve of that guy and his meager wares?!?
  7. I have a collection of brews in my home... ...what? DON'T YOU JUDGE ME!!!!
  8. Excellent work! I love that you were able to work in a red Space Armada cover as well. Reminds me a lot of the main character's office cube in Grandma's Boy.
  9. Well does that hurt or help its trade value? 😉
  10. Godspeed Rosa. My condolences Oscar.
  11. I can confirm Word Fun was a baggie release. I have the black and white manual with visible fold lines where it was wrapped around the cart.
  12. *rubs eyes as he walks back into the light of day* S-sorry everyone. Been out of action for a bit thanks to covid-19 but I am happy to say YOU MISSED ME 2020!!! 🖕 🖕 Anyway... 1. Tron Deadly Discs 2. Burgertime 3. Lock 'N' Chase 4. The Dreadnaught Factor 5. BumpNJump 6. Thunder Castle 7. Major League Baseball 8. Night Stalker 9. Mountain Madness Super Pro Skiing 10. Atlantis
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