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  1. I don't think that makes you a jerk at all. Some people simply do not know the value of their items and need to be educated. Granted, they could just do some basic research and see what things go for but there's no cure for lazy it seems.
  2. Yeah I think a lot of people simply see this as their only shot to own a copy. We also have to consider that the majority of Intellivision fans aren't actually here on this board so they may not see the initial offerings posted here and go wild when stuff pops up on eBay.
  3. Wow that is Piggy Bank sales level! Guess there simply wasn't many of those made?
  4. Mike was able to get a hold of me finally. Not sure what the issue was with my email but he got it to work. Looking forward to playing both games!
  5. I've made 4 attempts at ordering via the link on the 1st post here but have yet to receive a response. Would LOVE to finally have a copy of Blix so I welcome any help in getting one.
  6. My set of 3 arrived today. More amazing work from the Blue Sky Rangers!
  7. I like to use Tron Deadly Discs as it really gives the number pad and disc a serious workout. That and Burgertime, again for the direction disc, and especially to check the side buttons when throwing pepper. Anytime I pick up a system I pop in these two games to test the controllers and gameplay with. As suggested above, I also use the FW Diagnostics cart for the more technical stuff. That thing is a godsend for collectors!
  8. The French Canadian Math Fun sleeved copy I have is the same except it does contain the Keyboard Component text at the bottom of the main box.
  9. My flight is booked. City of Portland... I will be in you!
  10. I thought you wanted MORE subscribers? 😆
  11. More interviews!!! Wasn't sure if I had signed up to my main email addy so I entered that one again just in case 👍
  12. Does this mean you are going to PRGE for sure?!? 😲
  13. Ouch! That may be the toughest one to find. If I see one I'll let you know.
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