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  1. if you don't already have a copy of Kroz, buy one now. I cannot recommend this game highly enough for fans of the the old D&D games on Intellivision.
  2. A collection that large would need a U-haul truck, not a box.
  3. I suggest some fava beans and a nice chianti.
  4. You can just have it. I made it to hold my cart until I found an original box. PM me with your address.
  5. And one Hover Bovver sticker for me as well please!
  6. Well it's about time! I still don't even have the basic Amico shirt, lol
  7. GREAT! I guess I have to buy this book because I have the game now... 😉
  8. Why? Only total jackasses ever complete the 125. Jerks, the whole lot of em!
  9. *pfft!* As if any of those Atari nerds would scare an 8 bit fly!
  10. I'll sell my Magic Carousel copy for $700. You better get this rare item at this "discount" price while you still can!!!
  11. Mine was sealed when I first got the game about 8 years ago. Cracked it and played the hell out of it for a good bit. Excellent game though not one I'm really great at.
  12. Check my sig, brah! *cough... sorry* I mean, yes I have a copy of World Cup Soccer but not in such a pristine box.
  13. So can a brother get one of those copies then? Asking for a friend. total lie, i have no friends
  14. Wait a second... you guys are getting tasteful nudes from Rev? Must be nice considering the filth he sends me!
  15. I'm guessing that was a factory mistake since an aftermarket scammer wouldn't likely have that many fresh boxes and carts or even the Intellivision Inc. manual and overlays in such mint condition. What would be the point anyway since the boxes are the most valuable part of that kit to begin with? Those are most likely a factory error.
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