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  1. Wow, I've really missed out in the last couple of weeks. Truth be told, I don't feel the source who supplied this tidbit to be reliable, though I did at the time. I don't want to though anyone under the bus, so I'll leave it at that. I do however feel as I continue down this course of documenting Jag games that the UK was the premier market for Atari's system. In fact, it continues to show to this day. Considering how few consoles shipped in that region, it's incredible that it by far has the largest number of supporters. So what's the true number of preorders? Well, we just don't know, and honestly, at this point, we likely never will unless depending on a 25-year-old memory for data is acceptable. I wouldn't be surprised if the number is related to the 2.5 million and the decimal was misplaced... say 25,000 or 250,000, but I'm just spitballing here. So yes, a correction needs to be added to the comments or in the description explaining this. Not to get too far into the weeds, but the Saturn met a similar fate in the US with a terrible launch and not enough consoles to meet demand. By the time Sega fixed the supply issue, distributers and consumers were no longer interested. So it's not in any way an indicator of preorder demand. BTW, I really appreciate the support you've given and in the way it's been done. The Jag seems to have a rather seedy underbelly attached to it, making verification of facts incredibly difficult. Just look at the Jane W. situation. I know you're familiar with it, so I won't recount it here.
  2. This looks like a very exciting project. Do you post on twitter? I wouldn't mind following you there.
  3. 100% it does for the standard I laid out. As far as I'm aware AVP CD is AVP 2, then again I'm not covering CD conversions of existing Cart games so I might be wrong as I'm not tracking them. Every one of these games was stopped at a different segment of the development process with sizable money spent. As an example, Batman Forever had $25k invested, Hardball III? $117k. Technically every game was given the go-ahead up to the point of cancellation as these companies were required to submit near weekly progression reports as part of the evaluation process. If things looked good, they continued with payouts and additional recommendations. If not, they might pull funding and recommend canceling the project as did happen with Hammer Head ( Skyhammer) even though $110k was invented at that point. The series is really about all the projects in all stages of development during the life cycle of the system, not just the ones in Alpha and Beta states.
  4. Actually, I make every box for every game I cover. If scans do exist, they are way too low of a resolution. There's no fiction in my videos just facts, and if I don't have facts I openly state when it's my opinion or that it's speculation. I've sighted sources, and maintain a large list of sources for every game I discuss. I personally feel like this series and my past series have gone a long way to dispelling what games were actually in development for certain platforms while giving details regarding their history when possible. If it was purely for entertainment, I wouldn't bother doing any research and would only cover the interesting stories, not the entire library of unreleased games. Anyways, glad you found it entertaining.
  5. Welp, I met Kieren today. We do not see eye to eye and I don't believe he's fond of me. I'll just leave it at that. BTW, are you behind the releases under your post? If so, I own about 1/2 of them. Good work all around.
  6. Thanks! -Artemis is Power Crystal. It was a pet project of Jan Wittaker who was also the lead designer for AVP. I've been working on a short documentary documenting they contribute to the gaming industry and life, but have yet to connect for an interview. -I know Roberth about as good as I know the main man behind Atari Age (not good at all). The thanks there is for magazine clips he's sent me for this series after watching my Unreleased 32X series. I'm grateful for the support tracking down resources but I always do my own fact-checking. I've actually sent him some messages but haven't chatted since October of last year (This series has been in the works for a while). -I'll try to not get too deep in the weeds here, so bear with me. -That preorder figure is suspect as are most other figures Atari released related to the Jag, or that were later stated in post-Jaguar interviews. The Tramiel family was good at playing the press with misinformation, however, I believe there is a hint of truth in this number, even if it's 1/2 the stated amount. Unfortunately, when it comes to sales figures, we only have Atari's PR department, SEC filings, and whatever internal documents might have later leaked. Two are reliable sources, one is not. At the time of the Jag's launch, Atari was still known and respected in Europe with most of their sales generating from that region. In my opinion, this was the region most willing to accept the console and the region Atari should have focused on first. Imagine if Sega had only had resources to focus on one region and choose North America as the home of their Saturn, it would have been a disaster. While they didn't have the success seen with the Genesis, by focusing on Japan first, they were able to avert a total disaster when it failed in North America. Atari for their part should have focused on Europe in 93 because that's the only region they had any meaningful market share in. Still going with the Saturn though, rushing a botching launch as did Sega might have resulted in nothing more than the 225,000 units Atari eventually sold. Anyways, I debated as to if I should use that number as I find numbers from people involved with Atari at the time unreliable. In the end, I chose to include it as there is no doubt that there were a massive amount of preorders that Atari didn't deliver on in Europe that in my mind painted the course the system would eventually take.
  7. Well, I know there are some creators who love to read from Wikipedia and use it as their only source. That's not me. I'm not really plugged into the politics of the collector community (I'm assuming that's who these guys are) and don't know either of these two people you mentioned. If I don't have a direct source I can verify, the game won't get covered / information shared.
  8. Just a country boy who can't pronounce Jaguar... Then again, who but the British can?
  9. I just released the first part of my Unreleased Jaguar series and thought you might enjoy it. It's going to be lengthy as I'm covering every game planned for the system during its active years, but not released. Part one details seldom if ever discussed sales figures and statistics before getting into the games. It runs in mostly alphabetic order, and at this point, I've covered A-AR. Some games will be held back as I try to verify information or get in touch with people involved, so don't fret if a game gets passed over. Anyways, I've done a massive amount of research to verify and dismiss a long list of games. If you want to check out the series, I wholeheartedly welcome you to. If you were involved in the creation of unreleased/canceled Jaguar games or If you've been involved in preserving Jaguar history relating to games and would like to contribute your story, please reach out to me. I would love to chat. -Jenovi Unreleased Atari Jaguar https://youtu.be/3A4P_oDB0TY
  10. lol BTW that Opal controller looks amazing!
  11. I'm in the boat of people not fond of the original controller. I've had this conversation with a ton of people and it really comes down to hand size. I'm not a real big guy and tend to prefer smaller controllers. All my larger friends love the original Jag controller (it's typically one of their favorites) along with the Xbox duke, etc. I personally find it difficult to discuss great controllers or take recommendations without knowing how large the person is who's giving the advice. For me, the Pro controller is a perfect fit and amazing controller (one of my favorites) while the original is a smidge too thick to be enjoyed.
  12. The bottom row was the issue on mine. Use a butter knife and gently reposition them by sliding the knife all the way into the plug and gently lifting up to move the pins to a suitable location. Make sure they are all in a uniform row. Compare them to the original plug and make sure the spacing looks about the same. Just be gentle and you'll get it.
  13. I also had this issue with one of mine. I ended up gently bending the pins to match the arrangement of my original controller and that solved the problem. I spent a number of hours with the controllers and put together a review for them. Overall, I think it's fantastic.
  14. Hey all, I received the new Pro Controllers by Hoskinson Industries and put together a video review for anyone who might be on the fence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nB5e2TyWAvY&feature=youtu.be For those not interested in the video here are a few key points. - The controller feels like it's an original. It's of the highest quality, and though some might believe it's a bit expensive at $60USD, I think the quality and niche market justifies the cost. - Games are much more enjoyable with the Pro Controller. There's no doubt that it's more precise than the original. - The size is reduced making it a better fit for people who don't have massive hands. - People who own and love their Jag should own one. You really are missing out by sticking with the Original. Anyone else pick one up? If so, how do you like it? -Jenovi
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