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  1. if this was in Australian jurisdiction, it would be easy to lookup. I work in the legal profession and it's difficult for me to sit back and not comment on legal issues when mentioned. I would have a reasonable idea how things would play out if the legal disputes were in Australia, but I have no idea about other jurisdictions
  2. ... it's probably likely that John lied on his CV, but at the end of the day, does it really matter. So what, that's his personal business to manage and work with. I didn't employ him and it makes no difference to my life. At the end of the day, we are all on this thread here is for the bogus claims and fake prototypes of the coleco chameleon. Let's try to stick to that and away from anything that could be perceived as personal attacks. I guess all I am saying as since John is long-gone from the project and he was likely ripped off by Mike by not getting paid for his time/contributions, can we John a break, since he was kind enough to feed our thirst for knowledge by giving an interview with triverse.
  3. Thanks for your insight Kevtris. p.s I was looking up old unlicensed console games as I find that stuff interesting and stumbled upon your logo: http://bootleggames.wikia.com/wiki/JY_Company "JY Company is a company that published many pirate games, most notably many of Hummer Team's games. They appear to have been active from 1989 to late 2003."
  4. Ouch, sounds like Mike K has pretty much used all friendship relationships and burnt people in his quest to chase his dream and to earn a dollar. Sorry to hear that things didn't go well for you guys. I'm at least happy that this thing didn't get funded, as I imagine that Mike may well have burnt more business relationships, friendships and consumers in the process. I'm looking forward to some of the Collectorvision titles coming out. John (gamester81) posted on his instagram that the sydney hunter game would be out on TG16/PC Engine! That is pretty exciting stuff and I would love the opportunity to buy a new PC Engine title.
  5. .... one thing that has come out of this thread, other than entertainment, is that it makes me want to buy a Jaguar. I wish I had the funds to buy the jag molds from Mike K and donate the case to Kevtris for his Zimba 3k and the cart mold to Krikzz for an everdrive
  6. Listening to Piko's RGR podcast - pretty interesting stuff!!
  7. Project COE chips in too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIWzVOqGQNI (sorry I don't know how to embed youtube vids) Neogaf gets credit for the unmasking of the dvr board
  8. Assuming that Mike had a "tech guy" is giving him the benefit of the doubt with this project. Mike may have simply been focused on licence acquisition of IP's (celeco), the gamepads, software creators, and potential retail sales operators. It was only a short time since last indigogo and many bridges were burned during that process. I doubt John Carlsen would have come back on board after he was thrown under a bus. Although there might be many people who could design the pcb of the prototype, the list of people who could create a SNES core for a FPGA is much smaller. The list of people who could complete any substantial amount of work on a SNES FPGA in such a short timeframe, let alone without being paid each week, is smaller still. Mike may have simply passed off the snes-mini-in-a-jag as a way to get around the prototype requirements of kickstarter and get funding to launch his proof-of-concept console design. The plan might have simply been to wait until funding was acquired through kickstarter before paying someone, or promising someone a percentage of profits to build his vision. If collectorvision or piko weren't told the truth by Mike, you can hardly blame them about being kept in the dark. Both Piko and Collectorvision were providing licence to use their existing roms of games for SNES etc and may have not been told accurate information about the completion of the tech for the project. In any event, Piko and Collectorvision have been pretty professional about the whole thing since it collapsed, by not saying anything about this further failed attempt to get it the RVGS/CC off the ground. As much as I don't like what he did with the snes-mini at toyfair, it makes sense that he would take that approach when you realise that he has unlikely made any money from this RVGS/CC project that has gone on over these months (or maybe years). There would come a time when the money would eventually dry up from any other income streams, previous investors, or personal savings towards the project. .... I guess all of this is just speculation at this stage. I would love for him to prove that it was less shambolic and more honest than it appears to be, but it is more likely that we won't ever know the answer to what went on and the RVGS/CC will drift off into obscurity, as just a bunch of ideas, like that Bob's Game fellow.
  9. The wine tour quote and the way it ended was pretty amazing
  10. Reading up on that "Bob's Game" it sounds like that guy was totally unhinged and needs some help. It was almost like a performance art project it was so out of control.
  11. .....technically he wasn't lying. Maybe he was referring to the Jag casing becoming "clear in time". They switched clear casing was shown on the facebook page.
  12. do we even know if the alleged "tech guy" for the Chameleon ever existed. We might never know the answer to that one, given the current dead status of the project
  13. ... also do you think that any of this stuff with the retrovgs and chameleon will impact upon the RETRO magazine? Didn't it get mentioned earlier that Mike K transferred assets or money from that project to fund this RVGS or CC project that hasn't as yet produced an income.
  14. ...lets leave the fating preacher stuff and just stay on the track of the CC. if you guys aren't listening to live retrogamingroundup, you should. Do we basically assume that the CC project is dead as it doesn't appear to be a completed hardware and no developers on board?
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKgPY1adc0A how i feel about round 3 of the RVGS CC "console". I imagine that it will be pretty hard to get any software developers on-side if the CC is ever to go to a kickstarter campaign
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