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  1. The vgs is no longer what they claimed it would be, they totally fucked what I think would have been an excellent console. I just can't believe how dumb they were.. just three persons and no one to see their issues and say "fuck we're doing things like we don't care anymore, fuck that, let's take it back to the beginning!" in fact they're just rolling in the deep and still digging! At this rate in one week they will get to the center of earth! The amateurism of all this just blows my mind.. How can 3 people can fuck it up so bad.. it's nearly impossible to be so blind! The rvgs should just be a cool system, which provides "retro" games with the feeling of playing something retro unlike steam does, what they're saying is just a total nonsense, what everyone of them is saying is the opposite of the two others view. Have they ever talk together before starting? It's unbelievable.. just wow.. mindfuck as hell (sorry for bad language and spelling errors)
  2. I find it amazing, but I'm also convinced that it will be a failure, it's expensive and made for a very little amount of people. It's a good idea but at this price and with communication issues they'll never make it, it's sad but that's the game
  3. That's the bad news, just wait and see if exclusive games like tiny knight will become common on the system... If it raise enough money, which it won't
  4. Well, it will obviously fail, but imagine if it succeed for a mysterious reason, that'll become a brand new system to collect from
  5. The idea of a new system, built like the old ones, with the same concept, no updates, cd's or anything, just the system and games developped for it (well now the only one that we know is "tiny knight" and look shitty...but maybe they'll do great games, I hope so) Having the games on cartridge and the collectible aspect is really a big part of the vgs, plus it's not a shitty emulator with a rapsberry pi but a real console, something built and designed to play games specially made for it. However it will certainly miserably fail, their communication is horrible, they change their mind every day and the price is just awful
  6. *french newbie incoming* Am I the only one who believe that the retro vgs is an amazing project? For sure it will certainly fail, it will never be funded in time, but f*ck, how awesome that would be!
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