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  1. I still don-t understand what you problem is. You bring up netusb, emutos, platoterm, etc, none of which I am involved. This wifi solution is cheap, and several people got it working, I'm not peddling it, I'm not making any money of it, and Cziets are not making money of it. We are not selling it. it is a DIY solution for people low on funds or not prepared to pay for a ready-to-go solution. Yes, it does require some sort of knowledge to put together. What do you expect? It's "free"... So what is your problem? I do not understand? You want everything spoonfed down your throat? So buy the ready to go solution someone linked to above. Why are you pestering me with whatever your problem is? So now when my rant is over, can we please have the village idiot @sauron appear and ban me from this thread.
  2. It's a 57600/115200 serial port mod. http://atari4ever.free.fr/#serial - you'll find it there
  3. Yeah, VOIP typically still supports FAX machines. But not much more, so you're unlikely to get speeds above 9600.
  4. What is this irrelevant rant about? Could someone translate?
  5. Actually, this is the same hardware as the wifi solution, using a fork of zimodem called cocowifi. http://subethasoftware.com/2019/05/02/cocowifi-fork-of-zimodem-updated-to-current/ Atleast in theory, you should be able to flash Czietz modified firmware and turn this into an ethernet adapter using sting. and flash it back to cocwifi when you want to use it as a telnet modem emulator.
  6. No matter how you slice it and dice it, Battlesphere was released after Atari gave up on Jaguar and was not sold through regular channels, thus making it "homebrew". Aircars, while barely making it before Atari gave up on Jaguar, is debateable since it really never was sold through regular channels. However, wikipedias list of official jaguar releases is correct imho. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Atari_Jaguar_games) With that said, Battlesphere is certainly a decent game, and is certainly better than the "homebrew" label might imply. If it had been available at a reasonable price ($70-$80), I'd say it is worth buying. However, the current ebay prices, even the spanish replicas, is blatantly overrating the game...
  7. Yes, I seriously hope there will be a solution for just buying the roms of recent years homebrews. I want to support homebrew but I am not a collector in that sense and really don't need/want to pay for expensive cartridges and fancy boxes. And honestly, these things also has a tendency to push the price of the homebrews into territories that they are simply not worth.
  8. Is it possible to lower the price (and overseas shipping costs) to sell the boxes as flat sheets, to fold/put together yourself? Paper documents are exempt from import taxes... Other than that... About time you did this, I'm so not fond of the jewel case solution...
  9. I don't care much for emulators, and somehow I doubt those who do would buy physical games anyway. ppl today are too used to getting everything digitally. But you can check it out here: http://adb.arcadeitalia.net/?mess=alpineg&list=lynx It's apparantly part of MAME's romset, but not supported. There are other "recent" games in there aswell, if you look.
  10. I didn't know alpinegames didn't fit in Lynx I. I have a dump of it, but it won't work with saint's sd-cart, which is a bit inconvenient since it is one of my favourite games and I've gotten used to not having to carry around, and swap, a bunch of gamecards...
  11. Hehe, I think I know where, I see their price for the connector is up atleast 60% since last time I looked. And this is also why I got the programmer now, even though I don't really need it yet, I learned the hard way to get stuff when they are available, everything retro tends to be limited and waiting too long many times ends up with you not getting it at all, or at a premium on ebay. I always appreciate people making stuff for our retrogear. Especially hardware! Not only because I know the work behind it, but also because the average retro-user go gaga over software, where the development costs are basically nil (apart from time), but complains about every dime when it comes to hardware. So while I may be complaining about cost of software... I make a point in never complaining about hardware costs, because I know that the people making hardware makes more or less no money at all. Which also is a big reason hardware is often only available for a short while, you get tired of making them when all you hear is how expensive it is.
  12. Thank you, I just bought Championship Rally, but was quite disappointed with the jewel case it came in.
  13. If you are going to put a 50/60Hz switch, I suggest you also put in a reset-switch. Will probably come in handy and save on powercycling once Saints SD-cart is available.
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