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  1. Thanks, Scotty - you are correct. I think they bumped it to HBMame these days? I see so many NES hacks and such that I wonder why there aren't more classic arcade hacks. The DK ones are so beloved that you'd think someone would do the same with other classic games. I'm with Keatah above - I'd love to see Tempest and Battlezone - but mostly Zaxxon. ...and Dig Dug, Qix, Rampage, Burgertime, Tron, Gyruss.....
  2. Am I dreaming or were there quite a few fun hacks of 80s arcade classics out there for MAME/ EMU? I've seen the Jumpman and Pauline Editions of DK - but aren't there a lot more . . . somewhere?
  3. Ah, yes - that's it! We can dream of an updated version.
  4. Been playing Intellivision's Stonix homebrew, which is awesome. Made me wonder why something of this level can't be / hasn't been done for the 2600? What's the best brick and paddle games for 2600? I'm partial to Fireball. Has anything close to Arkanoid been pulled off?
  5. Was there a collection at one point that had all the hacks arranged by original game? Like all the SI hacks together in one place? Or am I dreaming that?
  6. Stonix on Intellivision is awesome -- wouldn't there be a way to pull that off for 2600?
  7. That's a pretty exciting insight. I think we'd all love to see Yar's Olympics a reality. Maybe one of the great programmers here will see this & reach out?
  8. Reading HSW's comment on having a great idea for a Yar sequel. Did we ever know the gist of this? Not Yars Return from Flashback, right? Maybe if he tells some trusted latter-day maker they could work on a new release?
  9. Count me in for 1979. These are great and really appreciate your effort! Looking forward to the Adventure / Space Invader years.
  10. Very cool & informative replies - thanks!
  11. I've got OpenEmu / MAME / Steam / Stella on an iMac with a X-Gaming Arcade Stick. It's a highly enjoyable setup but always looking for ways to expand. Not interested in consoles past N64 - would like to attach paddles/joystick that feel authentic to Atari 2600 but other than that not sure where else to go? I realize there's plenty more available if you spend the $ (MAME arcade cabinet / Virtual Pinball) but interested to know other's setups?
  12. I need the same - I've got an X-Arcade stick which is awesome but for nostalgia factor would like to use old-school Atari joystick on Stella. What's the latest best solution(s)?
  13. Count me in on the Zaxxon remake. Like the super-res they did with Donkey Kong.
  14. So for all us iMac users - install libSDL, run the CoolCV application - that's it?
  15. I've got CoolCV 0.6.6 on Mojave - At the risk of sounding dense, I click on the app to open. Didn't work. Then, I tried dragging a game onto the app icon. Nope. "CoolCV cannot be opened due to a problem" Downloaded CoolCV all zip from thread here -- am I missing something? A install step? Tried dragging Buck Rogers SGM to icon as well as the SGM test ROM. No luck. thanks all for the help....
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