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  1. Looking for: Famicom with controllers FDS w/ RAM adapter I'm located in the US. Please drop me a line if you have one you'd like to sell! Thanks
  2. Agreed. If he released the source code I'd be down to give it a stab.
  3. In a package deal I received this TI 99/4A computer. I figured I would play with it a bit but once I opened the box, I came across a dilemma: it looks very new!! This stuff isn't common so I don't have the heart to break the seals and use it. The computer bag is open, but since the peripherals are sealed I can't imagine it was ever used. All the paperwork looks perfect too, so I'm not even sure if the computer was taken out of the box. I'm looking for $100 shipped for it. Also interested trading for (give or take credit): GBA Everdrive SD2SNES USB GD-ROM VGA/HDMI Box for Dreamcast Legos Album: https://imgur.com/a/TFq5d Thanks for looking. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  4. Posting here is better than nothing but with how many different things people are posting it ends up kinda sounding like "some guy on some forum said there was a weird problem"
  5. You're all emailing Analogue about these issues right? Kevtris may be reading this thread but I'm guessing these issues are easier to track if they're actually in Analogue's email.
  6. Not sure about msu1 but it didn't work for me when I selected games that use enhancement chips it told me they were not supported. I picked a good day to work from home! Way faster than the Super Everdrive. Had a fun lunch break. Thank you guys for sharing the Jailbreak.
  7. Man, you guys spent a lot of time looking up stuff for someone who is happy with his current setup! Everyone has different priorities. Up until last year, I was gaming on a 23" LCD TV. Only reason I bought a 50" tv to replace it is because my fiancé got frustrated with the size and wouldn't play games with me unless I got something bigger.
  8. It'd be neat to be able to make/load profiles via text files on the SD card. Then we could all share our favorite configurations, as well as make setting changes a little quicker.
  9. Agreed. I had a wireless mouse that charged with mini USB with a really really thin cable... tried it with some other stuff for data transfer, with no luck. Turns out it only supported power!
  10. I got that same email as well (that it couldn't be delivered), but I received it yesterday. I wouldn't worry about it.
  11. It's not compatible with some Pirate carts, and being 720p limits nice scaling options. Besides that it's fine. I have one and I'm very happy with my purchase.
  12. I had a SNES go bad on me a couple years ago. Started doing some weird stuff that I recorded: Ended up switching the board out with a SFC one, and called it a day. I wanted to play around with it a bit more but never got around to it.
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