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  1. I don't trust that site one bit. People can claim all they want that it only accounts for "sold" listings (which I doubt), but I know for a fact it doesn't account for games found within a lot. The trackers search for the name of a game, but don't notice if the game happened to be part of a group of others, which artificially affects the game's "value".
  2. Hehe, is it Book Off in Costa Mesa? If so, they got those carts in a few weeks ago. Book Off used to be a cheap place, but now they have a couple guys there that use PriceCharting.com to come up with insane prices. There were about 40 or 50 carts originally. They hadn't been priced yet when I was there three weeks ago, so they refused to sell them to me.
  3. I could really use one of these too. If you ever make any more, I'd be down for it.
  4. Oh my god, that's awful!! Keep a sharp eye on local pawn shops, flea markets, and Craigslist ads. Odds are the thieves are gonna want to flip that stuff quickly. Get a police report too with as detailed a list as you can. Also, if you had any unique items or games with unusual markings on them, put an eBay search for them and we might be able to catch the thief.
  5. I organize my cords into large gallon size Ziploc bags according to which system they belong to, then shove them all into a plastic bin. It's not always the quickest to access, but it's tidy and prevents tangles.
  6. I just remembered, Final Fantasy III (FF6) on the SNES had an updated version that fixed the "Relm glitch". In early run cartridges, if you made Relm use Sketch on particularly large sized enemies, sometimes a glitch will occur that scrambles the characters onscreen into random NPC sprites. If you save the game after that, unpredictable results will occur. I did it by accident as a kid and ended up with thousands of Illumina and Atma Weapon swords! Poor Kefka got carved up like a Thanksgiving turkey. But I heard it also can corrupt the save file, so beware?
  7. I've been trying out this new RGB mod. It really does look spectacular! Here's a couple cellphone pics I took of the LCD screen:
  8. The original Legend of Zelda had a couple different versions. The later version has a lot more text at the Game Over screen, and I believe it also cleans up some of the Engrish in the intro screen.
  9. It must still be sold out, 'cause I've been calling Ticketmaster non-stop for some seats at the Konami Stadium. They keep acting like they don't know what I'm talking about. Also, there's only 5 years left until we'll have robots, jetpacks, and landmines integrated into Major League Baseball.
  10. Even component video has been getting phased out from most TVs being sold here in the US. Now it's all HDMI. Using an external upscaler like the XRGB Framemeister not only makes all your old consoles future proof, it scales the images up much better than any TV's internal scaler.
  11. You know what's one Neo Geo game that doesn't get much love? Puzzled (aka "Joy Joy Kid") People just pass it off as a boring Tetris clone without actually playing it. Weighing in at just 22 Mb, it's the most graphically primitive of the entire Neo Geo library. But it's the gameplay that matters most, and Puzzled excels in that regard. You don't simply clear lines, but instead must solve each puzzle to release the balloon at the bottom of the stage. As the game progresses the pieces begin to drop faster and faster. The game enjoys putting you at the edge of your seat, particularly when the "serious business" music starts playing. But all remains fair, and when you survive with your split-second decisions, it's an incredible sense of accomplishment. To get the true ending, you also have to beat it twice Ghosts 'n' Goblins style. I've never done it.
  12. It looks really sharp! I appreciate all the effort you went through to make this happen.
  13. I was thinking more like a Roller Controller game, sorta like the 2600 version of Crossbow. Trackball games are a lot of fun, but there's so few of them. Great news on Tac/Scan and Super Bagman. I'm really looking forward to those!
  14. Scramble Zoo Keeper Super Bagman Tac/Scan Star Castle Gravitar Bosconian Crossbow ... and dare I say it... Chiller?
  15. Really? Yeah, if you want it, send me a PM. I could probably dig it up and send it your way for cheap.
  16. In terms of pure rarity, I've got a bunch of old Macintosh games still in their boxes. Who else has a boxed copy of Thexder or AutoDuel? Not exactly valuable though.
  17. I'd imagine you could connect easily to a SCART TV if you used a 9 pin mini-DIN female to female coupler combined with a mini-DIN to SCART adapter cable like this: http://www.retrogamingcables.com/european-scart-to-framemeister-xrgb-mini-converter-for-sale.html
  18. Framemeisters are the best! Now that the Yen has gone down against the US dollar, it's the best time to buy. When I got mine a year or two ago, the exchange rates were about ¥80 = $1USD... now it's about ¥120 = $1USD There's essentially no noticeable lag on them either. You'll no longer be reliant on CRT monitors!
  19. This is amazing! I'd love to get one of these once the project is finished. Hopefully the old-timey folk tunes make the cut as well. Excellent work.
  20. That's not too surprising, considering that they give negative comments on just about everything! I have one of the old-style wooden CMVS units that Analogue did back in 2011. The RGB/Component output isn't completely perfect, but I've been very happy with it overall. The Omega is a solid CMVS choice too. I probably would've gone with one of those instead of the Analogue unit, but they weren't out at the time. I've met the guy who makes the Omega a few times too, really cool guy.
  21. Really nice job on this! I hope someone makes it into a cart. I never saw the Bagman games in the arcades, but it became a favorite of mine in the early days of MAME emulation. Getting a home port would be great!
  22. I finally got to sit down and run some Joust on the Colecovision over the weekend. It's an amazingly faithful conversion of the arcade game! I'm really happy with it
  23. Root Beer Tapper has always been an easy game to find for less than $15. Suddenly this month an auction ended at $26 with a flurry of bids. Then a week later, an even crazier auction went for $120?? Two days later, a listing for a complete copy sold for $220. Now suddenly all listings on eBay are asking for $60+... Did I miss something? What's going on?
  24. It depends, but if you like niche Japanese games like RPGs and brawlers, the Vita is a must have system. I'm not talking about import titles either. Companies like XSEED, Atlus, and others are localizing into English some of the most amazingly off the wall concept games that we probably never would've gotten in the past, like Akiba's Trip, Deception IV, and the upcoming Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus. If you don't like that stuff, then I'm not sure you'll enjoy the Vita all that much. But if you do, there's lots of fun to be had.
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