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  1. Sorry I was late on paying my invoice, but looking forward to getting my copies, as always!
  2. Order sent. This is practically the only reason I even come here (not intended as a dig, just acknowledging how good his stuff is).
  3. I would buy both game and controller if that happened. One of my all-time favorites.
  4. Just got mine in the mail, Gaz! They look great!
  5. I kinda prefer your crappy looking Aardvark to the photoshopped one. Makes the screen shots look like some kind of Custer's Revenge clone, which is just oh so epic.
  6. This makes the story even more interesting, really.
  7. One of the better Jaguar titles, even if that isn't saying much. I enjoy it a lot, though I'll admit it has some faults.
  8. Got mine in the mail today! Games look stellar, as always!
  9. Email sent! Just got my 2.3 games today!
  10. Is this assuming an attempt at a Jag-CD, or cart? I'd assumed a cart was completely out of the question.
  11. Any chance we'll see a Carrier Command port in the future? Been interested in trying that one out, but wasn't sure if the controls would translate well to a Jaguar.
  12. I look forward to a future release of Ghosts n' Ass Goblins for the Jaguar.
  13. Cool red carts, but I don't think I ordered them. Not super concerned because they'll still fit right in with the rest of my collection.
  14. Invoice received and paid in full! Sky Shark is an old NES favorite along with 1942, 1943, Tiger-Heli, and so many other great top-down shmups.
  15. I emailed two days ago and haven't received a reply. I was not sure if there was a limited window I'd missed.
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