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  1. that kindof looks like a CB radio... just needs a pair of VU meters.
  2. the rvgs twitter account is still active, i'm sticking around for a while still... (popcorn)
  3. the v-tech socrates was a decent edutainment console, too bad they couldn't code worth crap and the platform was rife with lag. seems they've moved on to android tablets for kids, and interactive dolls.
  4. i could see an avgn episode in that... too bad he already covered the F already.
  5. i knew a few as a kid. i couldn't get over the telephone keypad though.
  6. my bets are on paid facebook likes, it's a fairly common (yet scummy) trend. happens on youtube too.
  7. getting a little OT, but I would rather see the Z3k in a non-descript beige "prototype enclosure", or bare board, than see it in a jag case.
  8. i doubt we'll hear anything prior to the deadline. my bets are on 3 months with a new branding.
  9. sorry, but i gave up dongles in the 90s, i'm not about to go back to using them.
  10. i'm kindof surprised by that, you would have thought that MK would milk every last of his friendships to get the word out about the thing... that is, unless he took them down already. that said, larry is just another video game youtuber. he's been on some podcasts here and there as well. maybe that's where they put the tv?
  11. found another piko interview, i don't think anything new is covered, but i'll post it anyways
  12. if you can see fiberglass, probably not... perhaps its delaminating?
  13. you sure that's not just the tin plating? back in the day they didn't have hot air soldering leveling, so they used to slap solder on the traces to help against corroding the copper. http://www.mtarr.co.uk/courses/topics/0142_cftl/images/bm_cftl_phf.jpg
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