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  1. My wife took a crack at the narration of this one. Let me know what you think.
  2. Anyone else think VR is finally enjoyable?
  3. It is getting more and more difficult to find great stores like this around me. How about you?
  4. This list took me over a year to compile.
  5. I wonder if I could find the same deal for all that stuff today? Nice score on that.
  6. I'm still in my 30s so I guess I have not hit that point yet. I will say it was a magical time to have the internet and a computer though.
  7. I am very impressed how well everyone is recalling 1995. Was this a magical year for everyone or something? I was only able to recall it so well due to the footage I came across.
  8. Wow looks like the SNES was dominating back then for most of you. I got a SNES from Funcoland a few months before the N64 came out and it was yellow. I remember quickly enjoying the staple classics of Castlevania IV, Super GnG, Super Metroid, Zelda, Super Mario World, and Mario Kart before I got an N64 on launch and never looked back for many years.
  9. I just recently got a blast to the past when I came across some old video footage I was digitizing for backup off one of my old camcorders in the 90s. I was able to freeze frame the footage and get a good look at my game room in 1995 and decipher where I was at. It was incredible to think I was pushing a 133MHz 16 MB RAM Packard Bell as my gaming computer. I have had computers before this but they were mainly for office use and not purchased with the intent of gaming. This computer was fully intended to be the gaming machine of the day and I am surprised how much has changed since then. From what I have researched the computer was the Ultimate Machine of it's time partnering with Microsoft. Can anyone remember what they were gaming with in 1995? I was just curious how these specs would compare to see if it was really that big of a deal. I posted the footage for anyone interested in seeing my setup back then in the link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRokeIzEpEw
  10. This place is amazing. No pun intended.
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