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  1. ATARIAGE For Sale: 1) Atari Mega 1 with keyboard AZERTY and mouse and power cable. 18 Floppy discs with games (Dungeon Master, Stunt Car Racer, etc.) The computer has TOS 1.04 France. All floppy discs have been tested and work. Monitor cable not included. €110 2) Atari external hard drive SH205 with I/O and power cable. Works fine. Freshly formatted. €70 3) Sega Master System PAL. Complete with 3 games. Console Sega Master System Model 1 + RF video cable + 2 x controllers + new power supply (220V) + 3 games: Basketball Nightmare, Enduro Racer, Star Wars. The game Hang On is built-in. The console is in used condition: it has scratches on all sides. The 3 games have been tested: all work fine. €50 4) Hori Fighting Stick Dual for Super Nintendo, Sega Mega Drive. In good condition. Also works with the Sega Mega Flashback. €50 See pictures below. WANTED: Atari 7800 games (complete in box/PAL): Centipede, Dark Chambers, Dig Dug, Xenophobe Atari 2600 games (complete in box): Alien's Return, Barnstorming, Beamrider, Berzerk, China Syndrome, Fantastic Voyage, Fishing Derby, Gravitar, Laser Blast, Mega Force, Night Driver, Oink, Plaque Attack, Pressure Cooker, Sky Jinks, Solar Storm, Space War, Spider Fighter, Star Ship, Star Wars The Arcade Game, Sub Scan, Tac Scan, Turmoil. Commodore 64: games on floppy disk or cartridge
  2. Do the buttons make a clicking sound when pressed? Like with microswitches... I like that sound :-)
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone! It seemed that indeed the RF-cable was the culprit. I tried another one and everything is fine, but still the signal gets quickly distorted when fiddling about with the connector on the Atari side. >I use the gold plated cable with 110% Chinesium they are the only kind that work well with my Ataris. Where can I get one of these? Thanks
  4. Hi all I just bought an Atari 7800 (PAL). The seller claimed that it was hardly ever used and indeed it looks like new. At home I hooked it up to a CRT TV, inserted a Centipede cartridge and turned it on: everything worked perfectly. I unplugged everything to clean up the desk (consoles stackup upon each other you know how it goes :-) After that I hooked up the Atari again, but now there is no image on my TV. When I do a channel search, nothing is found. The LED on the front of the Atari lights up, I tried several cartridges, but nothing... I am not an electronics guy, so I am a bit at a loss as to what to do... Any suggestions? Help is more than welcome!
  5. Thanks for the answers! I found this on gamestudies.org: "However, the production of ‘Made in Japan’ home consoles started in 12 September 1975 with the toy company Epoch[12] and its “TV Tennis Electrotennis”. Epoch made a partnership with Magnavox for the development of the technology, as this console was wireless and functioning through a UHF antenna. It was obviously a Pong clone for the home, and was probably released even before the Atari “Home Pong” which has supposedly been commercialized by Sears for Christmas 1975 (Kent, 2001, p. 242). From 1975 to 1983, until the arrival of the Nintendo Family Computer (Famicom) in 1983, around 125 home consoles were released in Japan, most of them Pong clones and dedicated consoles, including importations of US consoles Odyssey (1974) and Atari VCS (1977) (Atsugi & Mizusaki, 2000; Game Museum, 2005, pp. 5--9)." Is there anybody out there who is knowledgeable enough to confirm that this is an Epoch machine?
  6. Hello all I got this from a collector who got it from an other collector... that's just about all I know. The machine works, but image quality is horrible on a PAL TV. On the top right corner there is a label "2" (shiny metal-like) On the bottom left there is an other label in Japanese (?) Any information is more than welcome!
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